1 Second Miracle

A Change You Can Make To Have An Instant Monumental Impact On The Course Of Your Whole Life

A miracle can happen in your life in 1 second. There is in fact a “1 Second Miracle”. 

I personally experienced this “1 Second Miracle” years ago. I watched others experience it as well.

When this miracle happens to you, it will change everything in your life for the better. 

Your outer world (what you experience) WILL become better. 

More importantly your inner world (how you “feel”) will instantly become better. 

That “something” that has been missing in your life will be awakened. You will “find” the missing piece of the puzzle of life.

When you experience this miracle, your vibration will rise to levels you have never experienced before. 

When this miracle happens in your life, your awareness, your complete consciousness of your SELF and the entire Universe will radically change. The veil that has been hiding the TRUTH will be lifted, at least to some degree. 

You will “see” for the first time. You will “know” for the first time. 

You will realize you have been “asleep” your whole life because this miracle will begin to bring you out of the trance you have been living in your entire existence. 

You will begin to “awaken”. 

PLUS all the conditions, situations, events, people and circumstances that you are experiencing will become better in every way. Your “life” will become “magical” and wonderful. You will become more “successful”, more prosperous, and live in more abundance.

Every day in every way you and your life will become better, better and better.

The “1 Second Miracle” is simple, but not easy. 


The Miracle occurs the moment you choose to take responsibility for everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen in your life. No excuses, no pointing the finger, and no blaming others. You choose that you have never been, never are and never will be a “victim”. 

When you “realize” that you created EVERYTHING that is happening to you, everything will change for the better. 

The awareness that YOU and only you are the “cause” for everything in your life will make everything in your inner and outer world magically better in every respect.

Perhaps today you cannot accept responsibility for everything in your life. Perhaps today you can accept responsibility for only a small percentage of things that happen in your life. 

That is at least a step. 

Total enlightenment, realization of the SELF, inner peace, perpetual bliss and joy, comes from the knowingness and the complete experience and awareness that you are totally responsible and the “cause” for everything in your life. 

This realization brings you to the knowingness that YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for how you think and how you feel at any moment in time. YOU and ONLY YOU have complete control over your thoughts and feelings. Those thoughts and feelings are what, by their vibration and frequency, create everything you have and will ever experience.

No one can make you feel bad unless you let them. 

No situation can make you upset unless you allow it. 

Ponder this truth and begin to experience a whole new world. 

Much love, your friend,