Give Up Or Surrender

Many people ask me what is the difference between “Surrendering to the Universe” your desires, and simply “Giving Up” on your dream and “Giving Up” trying to manifest the things you want.

There have been many terms used over thousands of years relating to the mental and emotional “sweet spot state” one must be in, in order for their dreams and desires to manifest quickly and effortlessly. Just a FEW of these terms include: Surrender to the Universe; Letting Go; Allowing; Release; “wanting” and “needing’; do not be in a state of wanting or lack; non-attachment; not being attached to a particular outcome or result; not giving a hoot if you get what you are wanting or not; success is a journey not a destination; stop and smell the roses; be here now; be in present time; be in the NOW; turn it over to God; be in the moment; let go and let God; name it and claim it; calling those things which be not as though they were; and many more.

How is that state, as described above, with all those different terms, different from simply “Giving Up”? The distinction is easy to “feel”.

When you have a specific desire, dream, or goal, (such as wanting a new house or car; a new or better job; a mate; a better relationship with someone; a physical healing in your body; weight loss; more money; a financial miracle to get you out of debt; to stop being depressed; to have inner peace; etc., in order for your desire to manifest, do these steps:

• First, you have to know specifically what you want. You should be clear about what you want. Generally, your desire should be very specific, as much as it can be. Define your dream/desire/goal/chief aim.
• Then, you have to imagine in your mind’s eye, yourself in possession of what you are wanting to attain. See yourself, as clearly and vividly as you can, in your imagination, actually living your life with what you are wanting to achieve. See this as a vivid movie that can run for between 1-3 minutes at least, more is even better. Try to include all the senses in your movie (sight, smells, tastes, textures, etc.).
• THEN, the first secret ingredient is, as you see that movie in your imagination, FEEL the emotions and feelings right now, AS IF you would feel if you actually were in possession of your desire right now. The FEELINGS are the key.
• Then, the most powerful secret ingredient is that you have to feel that same way, even if you KNOW you will NEVER get what you desire.

You are releasing the outcome to the Universe. You are “Letting Go” of the outcome.

“Run” this in your mind over and over, maybe a dozen or more times if needed until you become indifferent to the outcome. Get to the point where you are not attached to any particular outcome or result. Get to the point where if you think of attaining your desire and never attaining your desire, you feel the SAME WAY. Get to the point where you simply don’t give a hoot anymore if you get what you are wanting or not, because you feel so full of joy and happiness right now. Get to the point where you are totally at peace right now, NO MATTER IF YOU GET YOUR DESIRE OR NOT. Get to the point where you feel if you get what you want, great! But if you don’t get what you want, you really don’t care! You feel the SAME either way.

THAT is “Surrendering to the Universe”. That is “Letting Go”. That is being in a state of “Allowing”. That is “NON Attachment”. That is “Casting all your cares (wishes, wants and desires) upon the Lord”. (There are DOZENS of Biblical scriptures, both Old and New Testament, that I could quote here which NOW might actually make sense to you. There are also hundreds of other ancient scriptures from the Indian Veda’s, The Tao, Buddha, etc. that also all say the same thing.)

Now, compare this to “Giving up”.

When you “give up” on your dream, you will know, because you feel bad. You might feel some or all of these emotions: low, blue, melancholy, lethargic, resentful, bitter, upset, sad, depressed, apathetic, inactive, tired, moody, angry, jealous, envious, delusional, critical, judgmental, accusatory, mad, etc.

So the difference is easy to “feel”: when you “let go” and “release” your want (you stop “wanting or needing”, you stop feeling “lack”), you feel GREAT right now, even though you DO NOT have what you desire!

There is not a feeling of wanting, yearning, striving, or missing. You don’t care if you actually do get what you want or not anymore. It is 100% OK to you either way. You feel whole, complete, and a sense of oneness with the Universe right now. You are calm and have deep inner peace. You have an inner serenity, equanimity, and knowingness that everything is perfect just like it is right now, and is unfolding exactly HOW it should, WHEN it should.

You may also get “motivated and inspired” to take some actions, which, when you engage in those activities, bring you joy just by doing them, not in anticipation of any particular result.

When you “Give up” on your desire, you feel BAD. It is NOT ok that you will not get what you want. You REALLY DO want it, and if you don’t get it, you don’t like that idea at all, thus you feel “Bad” to some degree and express that with some negative emotion.

Surrendered to the Universe = feeling “good” and feeling very happy (even though you don’t have your desire).

Giving Up on your dreams and goals = feeling defeated and “bad” (and feeling terrible that you don’t have what you want NOW and think that ONLY WHEN I get what I want, ONLY THEN will I feel good).

“Surrendering your desire” means you are actually vibrating “I HAVE”, as in “I HAVE my desire now” (even when you don’t). The Universe must, by the Law of Attraction, match your vibration. Since you are vibrating “I HAVE”, you MUST physically actually HAVE, at some point, what you put out as your “wish” or desire. You are not “resisting.” You are ALLOWING the Universe to deliver and manifest your desire.

“Giving up” means you are vibrating “I LACK” as in, “I LACK my desire now, I do NOT have my desire now, thus I am WANTING.” You are in a state of “resistance”. The Universe will also match this vibration and keep you in a state of NOT HAVING, of WANTING, of feeling LACK.

Your goal can NOT physically manifest, due to the Law of Attraction. It can be no other way.

Your desire CAN’T manifest physically, because if it did, you would no longer have the feeling of WANTING, and the Universe MUST deliver to you a matching frequency to what you are vibrating.

The Law of Attraction is LAW.

Remember, with “surrendering” or “letting go”, we are NOT talking about:

• not facing reality
• being irrational and stupid
• being lazy
• having no motivation or inspiration to take any action – being lethargic
• simply praying for, or hoping for a miracle
• hoping to get lucky
• waiting for your ship to come in
• simply hoping for the best…whatever that is
• leaving it to fate or destiny
• having a “if it is meant to be, it will happen” so I have to do nothing about it attitude
• wishful thinking
• living in a dream or fantasy world (a very common mistake)
• seeing everything with rose colored glasses
• having your head buried in the sand
• having your head in the clouds
• being delusional

It IS, however, having a complete inner KNOWINGNESS that everything is OK just as it is right now, and you see the perfection, in the always present imperfection! You are joyous NOW.

The difference between having a desire and letting go of the outcome and when or if it will happen vs. having a desire and giving up on it, is always your INNER FEELING OF PEACE vs. your INNER FEELING OF UNEASE (worry, anxiety, stress, sadness, or any other negative emotion).

This is the “secret sauce” that if used, allows for:

• The creation and manifestation of your desires quickly and effortlessly (certainly faster and easier than before)
• You feel good right now and go through life being happy most of the time and filled with inner peace

Think about this. Apply it. Watch the miracles happen in your life.

May you never be the same.

Your friend,


14 thoughts on “Give Up Or Surrender

  1. Awesome. Thank you for all the free written lessons K.T.

    I love this because at a certain point I know I must let go and leave the rest to GOD.

    Having faith in the outcome, even expecting, in joy, looking around and knowing every situation, good or bad, is ultimately getting me closer to where I want to be.

    I love the night before Christmas analogy as well.
    How’d you feel the night, days, and weeks before Christmas? Me: Unstoppable and excited.

    Oh that’s good. How about after you’ve opened all your presents, Now, how do you feel? Me: Actually, I feel worse usually.

    The anticipation is what makes my life so much fun. Things are always conspiring for the better life we’re all achieving. The Best is Always Yet to Come, and I’ve seen many strange things already. Watch.

    Have a great day today,
    Grant Daniel Timmers.
    June 9/ 2021

  2. This blog post alone is THE golden nugget to many, of course only IF they DO it, no adjustments, just follow these simple instructions. It works for me all the time. I’m a natural at this! Very great article “Gurukev”/Kevin 🙂 It clarifies a lot to many and maybe who knows some people will understand it and act on it. It is really that simple. I’ve learned over the years that in fact it’s about being in a joyful, loving, calm (and energetic at the same time) vibration, all pieces of the puzzle fall together. And meanwhile I keep a laser focus on the thing (or things) I want, in a playful way, knowing that what I want is on the way, it can’t be any different, but I really don’t care how and when it will come and even if it will come. That is not even a question. It’s like I know tomorrow it’s Tuesday. Do I care if the government should decide to call it Greenday? Not at all. It’s still a day. All IS and all is well…

    Being in a state of well being, that is what it’s really all about. And doubling those feelings. I use a little NLP in this, which is a great tool as well. And if it doesn’t come? Of course that happens too. Well, then it simply wasn’t in my best interest and I feel so blessed that something bad was prevented from happening. Being joyful, loving, caring, calm, etc. has nothing to do with my possessions, etc. I can be like that with AND without. I’m in charge, not something outside me, which is an illusion anyway.

    Oh my I can go on and on about this, I’m that passionate about the material and practicing it, but I won’t. Thank you for all that you do KT!

    Much Love,

  3. Oh my gosh! This makes so much sense, and I’ve been trying to figure out what surrendering and letting go actually mean and HOW to do it. Thank you SO MUCH!

  4. To be honest, I think I may say that I already know this info through all the spiritual and personal development courses I have followed, from Kevin, Hicks, Ramtha. This however makes it so clear and easy to understand. It’s a great summary of the process of creation. This for me remains a challenge when creating a dream: staying in the state of already having it all and feeling good all the time. Not getting desperate or impatient. 😉 Thank you for this Gurukev

    1. Hi Claudia,

      Why not change your statement of “” This for me remains a challenge when creating a dream…” into: This is a beautiful opportunity for when I create my dream to stay in a state of already having it all and to feel good all the time… Do it, it does make a difference. Words and thoughts are things (energy/vibration). Be optimistic. And instead of going into the direction of mentioning “Not getting desperate or impatient” better towards: “I sense a feeling of being desperate/impatient, but I DO want to feel hopeful and patient and calm, yes that is what I want, now how do I get there 1 tiny step at a time”. And take the step which is usually the first thing that comes to mind and can be as simple as listening to music, going for a walk, drinking tea, calling a friend that has a state of calm on auto pilot, meditating, and so on…

  5. Wow! There is so much secrets in just this post alone. If you gone through this experience and actually read this. You will begin to see the missing pieces in plain view. Amazing teach K.T. and I love it. Thank you so much!

  6. I got in contact with Kevin’s tachings at the very lowest point in my life after it collapsed from previoously semi successful life. Then I startedmeditating andin a week or sosaw te light which turned my world upside down. Soon after I lost absolutely everything including willingness to live. Then I got in contact with Eli Rook who introduced me to Your Wish Is Your Command (all that came using the same principles taught in ywiyc). And the journey started. I won’t say it wasn’t rough, because it was filled with my falls to the rock bottom time after time and a lkt of pain sometimes. But as it is said, you could be falling 100 times, the thing is that you rise up 101 times. And so the journey continued and I listened to the recommended audios, reding books, I couldn’t attend live events by the GIN, but did others instead to come into contact of people that had what I wanted. For almost 9 years. Then I fell once more. And while being down a shift occured, I started looking at things differently, perspective changed and I started laughing at things as they came into my life trying to pull me down. And then the teacher came (the methods and teachings I cannot discuss as well but I am sure everyone can find one when ready). And then I could see for the first time things changing in my life in record speed (before that change I had partially overcame depression, alcoholism, weight issue that came back from previously going from 206kg to 95kg in little more than a year, losing of friends and wife, helath worsening all because of Kevin’s teachings). I feel calm and love and I have the Knowingness of what is to come because I am making it in accordance with my higher self. My intuition is working like on steroids. Life is about finding a path to the best version of yourself. Love, peace! Thank you Kevin! Klemen P.S.: There is obviously lot more to it, but to tell you all, I could write a book of how much happened on this journey we call life so far.

    1. That is so very awesome Klemen! You’re amazing and doing very well, you’re part of that tiny group on Earth that won’t give up, even not when we fall deep. It’s about rising up and continuing enjoying the amazing journey, knowing we are at the perfect place and we will definitely reach our destination in time. When, how, etc. who cares… We enjoy the sight meanwhile. Keep it up friend, you’re so very well on your way, yay! I recognize you for this!


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