In a previous post, I outlined the 5 steps that ALL successful people have taken to create huge wealth. It is a proven formula for success that never has failed.

There IS however a step 6!

If you notice, all of the 5 steps of the formula are “attitudes”, or thought processes, or “a certain way of thinking”.

They are all “mental” activities that create “vibrations or frequencies” that attract into your life your desire.

The 6th step is where the rubber meets the road. Step 6 of the Success Formula that Never Fails is:

 “Take massive and immediate CONTINUOUS ACTION!”

When you have a dream or desire, that “spark” must be tuned into a flame which must be turned into a raging out of control inferno.

You do that by IMMEDIATELY taking SOME kind of action (within HOURS of your inspiration).

Then CONTINUOUSLY continue to take action, perhaps every hour, but at least EVERY DAY.

Massive immediate and continuous action, doing things to make your dreams come true, is a missing element for the majority of people.

“Do it NOW” is the motto of the achiever.

“Let’s go slow” is the motto of the failure. 

“Let’s get fired up” is the chant of the winner.

“Let’s not get too excited” is the whine of the loser.

Do you have dreams, goals, and desires? You CAN achieve them.

Just do the right things long enough consistently. Follow the 6 steps of the Success Formula that Never Fails, and I KNOW I WILL see YOU at the TOP!

Much love, Your friend, 


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