Ask yourself and answer these questions. Discuss them with like-minded friends.

1.) “Who or what is the SOURCE that will supply all your needs in this life”? 

2.) Why is it important to “give” on a regular basis?

3.) What are some things that you can give?

4.) Give some examples of who or what you can give to.

5.) What happens inside us when we give money?

6.) Why is this statement true “The greater the sacrifice, the greater the return (the blessings you get)”

7.) Why does giving create vibrations/frequencies that allow what you want to manifest in your life?

8.) Why is this statement true “Whatever you want, you must give it away FIRST for it to come into your life”

9.) Why is giving away what you want FIRST, with joy, the ultimate way to activate the Law of Attraction and manifest what your desire?

10.) Why is the Expanded Golden Rule (do to, talk to, talk about, and think about others as you want them to do to, talk to, talk about, and think about you) an excellent way of “giving”, “surrendering”, and activating the Law Of Attraction?