Who Do You Listen To? Part 2

Part 2 of this important concept.


The “Right People” are first those who have what you want and have been where you are right now.

If you want to make more money, become “prosperous” and attain “financial success”, IT IS CRITICAL that the books you read teaching you “How to be a Success” are authored by people who:

-actually have prosperity and financial success (have what you want)

-started from where you are starting from (been where you are)

-attained their riches, success, and prosperity BEFORE they ever wrote a book on “How to Be Successful”, or “How to Make Money” (thus they KNOW the information from personal experience in the real world).

The same is true for the people that are teaching seminars, workshops and courses that you are taking.

It might shock you, but such a person is rare indeed. There are thousands of books, courses, and seminars on “How to Manifest your desires” or “How to attain Financial Prosperity” and similar such subjects, yet most every book and program on “How to become Successful” was written by someone who was broke when they wrote the book or put together the seminar or program! 

These well-intentioned people made most all of their money selling books, audio courses and seminars on “How to Get Rich”. 

Thus they really don’t know much about the subject, they only KNOW ABOUT the subject. 

If you want to learn how to be successful, prosperous, and make lots of money, FIND THE RIGHT PERSON to listen to and follow. Then consider these KEY points:

1.) Here is the REAL secret. Do not try to duplicate, mimic and model how they think and what they do NOW that they are rich. Rather, duplicate, mimic and model how they thought and what they did when they were first starting off and at the same place you are now.

This is critical. This is the REAL secret. 

A plane needs to be at full throttle during take off. The wing flaps, trim wheel, and other parts of the plane are in certain positions in order to get off the ground. 

Once at cruising altitude, then everything changes with the plane. The pilot reduces “throttle”, adjusts the position of the flaps, and makes other changes from “take off” mode. 

Therefore, if you wanted to “take off” and get a similar plane off the ground, you would NOT set everything up in your plane to mimic how everything is set when a similar plane was at cruising altitude.

If you do, you will not get your plane off the ground, and in fact you will probably crash.

In the same way, if you think like, act like, and speak like a rich person does now that they are rich, you probably will not attain much success. 

You need to think like they did when they were first starting out.

You need to do the things they did when they were first starting out.

You need to talk like they did when they were first starting out.

The fact is, in many instances, wealthy people change their thinking, actions and ways of speaking after they become rich. 

There is a way to GET rich, and then there is a way to BE rich and a way to GROW your riches.

2.) Make sure the person you are listening to, following and mimicking/modeling is someone who made their millions in something OTHER than selling books, audios, courses and seminars on “HOW TO GET RICH” or “HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL”. 

This is also very important. 

You want to learn from someone who actually made money in “real business” and real life. Ideally, but not critical, someone who made money in more than one business and more than one industry. My good friend Ed Foreman is such a person.

Most of the people who are bestselling authors of “Success” books actually failed in their business ventures, got fired from jobs and never succeeded in anything. Then, while they were still broke, they went online and started selling courses or books on “How to get Rich” or “How to create the life you want” or “How to manifest your Dreams”. 

One NY Times bestselling author wrote his first book on “How to get Rich” while he was sleeping on a friend’s couch because he lost all his money in 3 failed businesses. 

He then thought that he could “get rich” by teaching others who were desperate to “get rich” and willing to pay anything for some kind of “secret”. So he read a few success books and took an online course on the Law of Attraction, and basically paraphrased that material in his “revolutionary breakthrough new success secrets” book that would go on to sell millions.

If he and all the other authors like him actually knew so much about “success”, how come they did not use what they know and makes millions in real business first, THEN write a book or teach others how to be successful?

Ideally you want someone who can say, “I made millions starting with nothing. I taught some people personally along the way and they too made millions. NOW that I am super rich and almost retired from business, I want to teach people what I KNOW from personal experience, and I have the results to prove what I am going to tell you works.”

You want to learn from someone who has personal experience actually making money and succeeding. This gives your “teacher” DEPTH of knowledge from a point of KNOWINGNESS rather than just “KNOWING ABOUT” the subject of making money because they read some books and attended some “Success Seminars”.

3.) The person you want to learn from should have made at least $100 million and had an annual income of over $1 million per month (after all expenses and taxes). This is also relatively important if you want to make money. 

There is a difference between a person who makes $30,000 a year and $150,000 a year. 

There is a MUCH bigger difference between a person who makes $150,000 a year and a person who earns $1 million a year. There is an ENORMOUS difference between someone who earns $1 million a year and someone who has made over $100 million. 

The differences in the way these people think, act and talk is like night and day. 

The person who has made over $100 million AND built companies that generated billions in sales is yet at another level when it comes to their depth of KNOWINGNESS as it relates to making money and attaining riches. 

They have CERTAINTY. They KNOW how to get rich and be rich. The others just “Know about” getting rich and being rich. 

Even if you just want to make a little more money than you are now and just get “comfortable”, it is better to learn from the person who has made over $100 million and built billion dollar companies than a person who is earning a very nice $1 million annual income. 

From 1900 to about 1935, a “Millionaire” was the ultimate achievement. A millionaire never had to work another day in his life. He could live “like a millionaire” just on the interest of his “million” and the dividends his investments earned. 

In today’s inflation adjusted money, a “millionaire” back then had a virtual lifetime passive residual income of over $10 million a year, tax free! They never had to work another day in their life. THAT is living “like a millionaire”. 

Today, if you have a million USD cash in the bank, and are debt free you will quickly run out of money if you don’t have some kind of ongoing income. 

Therefore, in today’s watered down inflation adjusted money value, a person would have to have at least $100 million USD to be at the same level of a “millionaire” back “in the day”. 

If you are listening to someone who earns $1 million a year, you CAN learn a lot. But if you were listening to and being mentored by someone who made $100 million and who built companies that generated BILLIONS, you will learn infinitely more and thus achieve your success and money oriented dreams much faster.  

This kind of person not only knows the road to success but usually knows lots of roads to success, and most importantly, where all the detours and pitfalls are. The other guys simply don’t KNOW. The “Master” has a depth of knowingness that surpasses those who “think” they know but simply don’t have the personal experience.

The great Kung Fu student of the Shaolin Temple, Kwai Chang Caine, discovered this massive depth of knowledge and knowingness that only comes from enormous amounts of experience when he was once fighting his “Master”.

Kwai Chang, known as “Grasshopper”, was showing his amazing skills in the exhibition fight with his “Master”. 

Kwai Chang was faster, younger, and stronger. He was the “Master’s” best student ever.

Kwai Chang knew he had surpassed his “Master” with his Kung Fu skills and was beating his “Master” easily. 

Then, suddenly, the “Master” struck a blow to Kwai Chang. A strike the student had never seen. A devastating blow with more penetrating force and “chi” than Kwai Chang had ever felt. The blow sent Kwai Chang to the ground, stunned, disoriented and unable to fight back. The fight was over, the “Master” had won. 

Smiling and laughing good naturedly, the “Master” said to Kwai Chang, “I didn’t show you that one did I, Grasshopper!”

Learn from a “Master” who “KNOWS”. 

4.) Find someone who started from scratch and with nothing. No money, no college education, no connections, no loans, no investors, no grants. Someone who came from a lower middle class blue collar working family where no one went to college.

This is not critical but this type of person knows the hardest road to success and the road most people will be travelling. 

5.) Ideally your teacher should have failed in business, lost all or most of their money at least once, and had to overcome major financial, business and personal adversity. This is also not critical, but gives this teacher a major advantage. They know where the landmines are. They know how to deal with the inevitable punch in the face that everyone will get who tries to succeed. They got knocked down, know what it feels like, and still got back up and succeeded anyway.

A great wealthy man told me once, “Everything I know at the top, I learned when I was at the bottom”. If a person has dealt with tragedy and setbacks and overcame them, going on to mega success, then you can learn a lot from that person.

6.) Your teacher will be “better” if they had some kind of major liability in their life such as a lisp, stuttered, went to prison,  had a major health issue to deal with or who was almost legally blind. A person who had “built in” disadvantages, can do more to help you overcome whatever “liabilities” you might have as they can see your situation through your eyes. They “know” your situation as it is part of their “essence”.

7.) Always remember that you can and should learn from everyone. 

“The wise man learns from the fool, but the fool cannot even learn from the wise man”.

Therefore learn from everyone and every situation. Be curious. Ask questions. Be inquisitive. 

But use lots of discernment. Don’t blindly follow anyone. 

Your teacher should also have these qualities.

8.) Learn from your own mistakes as well as your successes. Pay attention to what is happening in your life and find the reasons “why”. Find “Patterns of Success”. What works, do more of, what does not work, stop doing it!

9.) Ultimately, you listen to your own gut instinct. You follow your feelings and your own intuition. Within you is the Ultimate “Guru”, “Guide” and “Teacher”. 

You now have the single most important step to take to achieve success in life: Listen to and follow the right people. 

Reading “success” books, attending seminars or going through online video and audio courses by well-intentioned authors and speakers who only “know about” success, could possibly delay you from making your dreams come true. So always use discernment. Remember that all that glitters isn’t gold.

Find the right person, the right people and the right group to “plug into” and listen to and follow a proven “SOURCE” of “real” information. 

Do this and I know that I will see you at the top!

This is part 2 of this vital concept. Part 3 and beyond to follow.

Much love, 


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  1. 8.) Learn from your own mistakes as well as your successes. This resonates, I don’t know anyone personally that is wealthy. But understanding what I do that is working and not working is something that I am going to look at.

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