Who Do You Listen To? Part 6

Part 6 of this vital information.

If you want to manifest something in your life, the single most important factor that will determine whether you attain your goal or do not attain your goal is who you listen to, learn from and follow. 

If you listen to and follow the wrong person or people, thus get bad advice, you will not achieve your goal. 

If you listen to and follow the right person or people, thus get good guidance, motivation, inspiration and encouragement, you have an excellent chance of making your dreams come true. Provided of course that you follow the advice given and get your own vibration into alignment with the “right” advice.

This is a short summary of who you should listen to and follow:

-Those who have what you want

-Those who have been where you are

-Those who KNOW and not just “know about”

-Those who have at the very least, more than you in the area you are looking to succeed in (if you want money, someone who has more money than you. If you want to be happy, someone who is blissfully happy at a level that you can not even imagine. If you want to play the piano, someone who is much better than you are at playing the piano, etc).

-Those who are very teachable themselves and are constantly improving themselves, and “sharpening their axe”. Those are constantly learning more and more. 

-Those who have had major adversity in their lives and overcame it

-Those who had liabilities that most would have used as excuses as to why they could not succeed

-Good communicators and teachers

-Those who you “resonate” with and feel good about

-Someone that can “transfer knowledge energetically”. Everyone and everything is a vibration and frequency. 

You want someone that can tell you things, and can show you things so you learn. But you also want someone that can use words and various teaching methods to draw out from you so that you have a new awareness of something, a cognition, an “ah ha” moment. Most importantly you desire to have someone who can transfer knowledge via their vibration and frequency. This “energy transference” of knowledge is more important than information transference. It can only come from a heart that is overflowing with love and light. It will give you permanent results that are life changing. 

-remember that coaches are in a different category. They encourage, motivate and inspire. They help you see things you can’t see. They are your cheerleaders who can push you to greater success.

-challenge and question who you are listening to. Yes, be open. Have a desire to learn and a willingness to accept change. Be teachable. But do not follow people blindly. Listen, learn from and follow people CONSCIOUSLY, with AWARENESS and with INTENTION. Pay attention! Be alert. Be focused when you are listening to people. Don’t allow yourself to be automatically and mindlessly programmed and brainwashed. Test everything and trust your own experience. Everything must resonate with you. Make sure you “feel good about” what you are being presented. 

-as you go through your life, you probably will be listening to many people in many areas that you want to learn about or you wish to excel in. Such areas might include: 

-making money; 

-growing money for retirement; 

-health, wellness and natural ways to heal the body and mind; 

-fitness, getting great abs, legs, chest, or a great butt; 

-weight loss; 



-how to find your purpose in life; 

-mental and physical flexibility; 

-fashion and “dressing for success”; 




-learning to play a particular sport or musical instrument; 

-martial arts; 



-spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment; 

-being happy; 

-having stable emotions; 

-learning a trade such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical etc.

-learning a foreign language

-public speaking, leadership skills, negotiation skills and other such related topics

and much more.

This list could be endless. So you will probably have MANY people that you “learn from, listen to, and follow”.

-Remember too, that you can and should learn from everyone. The wise man learns from the fool, but the fool cannot learn from the wise man.

-Ultimately listen to your own intuition, your inner voice, your gut instincts, the “Guru” within, and God who dwells within you as you.

As we have discussed, you more than likely will follow, and listen to many people over your lifetimes.

You should learn from everyone, but in time you will mostly learn from yourself. 

Listen to and learn from your own experiences and your “Higher SELF”. 

As we discussed in earlier teachings on the subject of “Who do you listen to?”, most people when asked what they want answered with Health, Wealth and Happiness.

In reality, the most important people you should be listening to are those that:

1.) Can teach you how to make money and those who can teach you how to grow your money for retirement and financial freedom.

2.) Teach you how to have dynamic vibrant robust health and vitality, grow old gracefully, and maintain vigorous youth and health well into your 90’s.

3.) Release in you supreme and permanent happiness, joy, peace, bliss and the spiritual connection to “God” that satisfies every need you have beyond what any words can describe.

Underlying the “Big Three” of Wealth, Health and Happiness is really the ability to manifest your desires. 

This is the ONE thing you need to learn to make ALL your dreams come true. This is the hidden secret in all the 6 parts of this training. 

The person you should ultimately listen to is the one who can teach you how to manifest your dreams. 

If you learn that, you will have it all. And you can only learn THAT from a “Master”. Read further and you will understand. 

We talked a lot about money or wealth and used that subject as an example in this training series. 

For Health, obviously listen to someone who is healthy. 

If you want to lose weight, listen to someone who struggled with weight their whole life, who was very fat at one time, and is now lean and trim. That is the person that has what you want and has been where you are.

You may consider the most important person you should find is the one that can lead you to pure joy and happiness.

In reality, this is the hardest person to find. A person who is truly happy is rare. Finding one is a blessing.

For happiness, find someone who is beyond happy, but rather someone who is bathed in bliss. Someone who is fully anchored in the state of joy. Someone who has transcended emotions to the point where nothing in the external world affects their internal state of perpetual bliss and ecstasy. 

Find someone who automatically maintains their inner sense of perfect equanimity and joy no matter what the external conditions, situations, events or circumstances are. Someone who may experience pain as we all do, but never “suffers”.

Someone that sees in all people and things, the perfection in the imperfection. Someone who sees “God” in all things. 

This kind of person is special. This person is Enlightened. This person is SELF Realized. 

The veil that hides TRUTH has been lifted. They not only see, but fully experience the TRUE reality that all people and things are an expression of the ONE Universal Consciousness that IS all people and things. They have full  awareness of this fact, and merged with this ONE energy of love and light. They are “One with the Universe”. They are fully Conscious on all levels.

They have complete knowingness and the experience that they are a pure expression and extension of God’s love and light. Just as God is love and light, so are they. They are ONE with GOD. And they see everyone and everything as being the same. When they look into someone’s eyes, they see themselves. 

When they look at anything, they see everything as an extension and expression of the ONE SELF that is ALL that IS.

They are always the seer, and never the seen. 

This rare “perfected” being can transfer energy to you and help lift the veil that is blocking this reality from your awareness.

Their high vibration and frequency can raise your vibration and frequency. They can “lift you up”. 

If you want to learn how to be happy, have an inner sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, live with a passion and purpose, experience joy and bliss, and discover that “missing something” deep inside you that you long for, listen to a person as described. They can release in you the inner feelings and sensation of being loved beyond anything you could imagine. They can teach you how to experience a sense of connection, oneness and wholeness that cannot be described in words. 

They can release the never ending well of joy and the purest happiness that is within you right now, waiting for you to acknowledge, become aware of, and bathe in as perpetual bliss.

That kind of person most definitely has what you want and has been where you are. They have felt despair and loneliness. They have felt isolated and separate. They have felt lost, sad and depressed. They have felt fear, worry, and anxiety. 

They have experienced jealousy, hate, anger, and betrayal. They have lied and deceived, and have done “bad things”. They have felt guilt and “not good enough”. They saw themselves as inferior, “less than”, unworthy and unlovable. They felt like they could never be forgiven and that they never could forgive others for the many wrongs done to them. 

They were once “bound” and living in darkness. 

Yet they were led to Freedom. With the help of “One who went before”, they were Liberated. 

Now, from this state of Freedom, they can help you attain this same state of perpetual joy and bliss.  Now, once and for all, they can help you to be Liberated and Free!

They know the road to this Freedom on all levels and in all dimensions. They know how you can be liberated from what ‘binds” you, for they too once were bound.

Listen to them. Follow them. Learn from them. Be open to them. Have a high willingness to learn and an even higher willingness to accept “change”. As a great man once said, “When the facts change, I change my mind”. Be open to “changing your mind” from what you “think” is true, and your current patterns of thought.

Allow yourself to receive “energy transference” from such a high vibration person. This is more than just the transference of knowledge without words, but through energy. This true energy transference (in some cultures it is called Shaktipat; in other traditions it is called “Baptized in the Holy Spirit”), you are given a complete permanent transformation beyond anything you could even imagine. 

Thus seek such a person to listen to, learn from and follow. They truly KNOW how to “Manifest whatever you desire”. They KNOW how to release the “Genie Within” that will grant you your every wish.

With all the information presented in this 6 part training series, it may appear that it will be difficult for you to KNOW you are “listening to, learning from, and following the right people”. 

Consider that when you seek, you will find. When you ask, it will be given. When you knock, the door will be opened. 

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. 

This is not magic or fantasy, it is the Law of Attraction in action. When you put out a vibration, it will come back to you. Like attracts like. What you want, wants you. 

Your teachers will appear. Keep your eyes open. Don’t miss them. They probably will not come in the form you THINK they will come in! They may look different or sound different than you have been conditioned to think they will look and sound. 

You all also have been given the gift of being able to access the “right people” and the “right information” easily through The Global Information Network (GIN). 

One of the main reasons that little organization was formed was to provide the right people and the right information to those who are seeking. Since the single most important thing you can do, if you want all your dreams to come true, is to listen to, learn from and follow the right people, GIN’s “PRIME DIRECTIVE” was to provide “seekers” with the right people to listen to, to teach you how to achieve and manifest your dreams, whatever those dreams may be. 

You have asked, and it has been given. You have sought, and now you have found what you are looking for. For many of you, it has been right under your nose the entire time. 

Be teachable. Be open and receptive. Be in a state of “allowing”. Do not resist what IS. Have a high willingness to learn and an even higher willingness to accept change. 

Are you ready? 

Then let’s BLAST OFF!

I will see you all at the top.

Much love, and may you never be the same.

Your friend, 


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  1. Estimado Kevin, muchas gracias de corazón por este baño de enseñanza y Luz proyectada acá. Es más que información, logras transmitir tu sentir y conexión con el cosmos y la parte Divina que hay en ti, tu Magna Presencia. Muchas gracias por esta noble ayuda, por ayudarnos a abrir los ojos con sabiduría, humildad y amor. Gracias. Bendiciones 🙏

  2. This little basic concept “Who do you listen to” has so much information that is even beyond the wildest compression. There is so much more information on this site. Thank you Kevin for all these Golden Nuggets!

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