The Miracle Worker

The conditions and circumstances in your life can get better. Your life in general can improve in every area. 

External conditions, situations, events, relationships, and circumstances will only change however, when you change. 

External conditions only change when your internal conditions change. You must transform your inner world, before your outer world will change. 

The most effective and permanent way to change your inner world is through the transference or exchange of vibration, energy, or frequency from a highly evolved being whose vibration, energy, and frequency is extremely high. This kind of person has been called for thousands of years things such as “The Miracle Worker”. There are many living today.

People are not transformed by the exchange or transference of information or knowledge. That only creates an increase in intellectual and academic understanding, but does not transform you. You will “know about” things, but you will not transform. 

Personal transformation within is the secret to having the life of your dreams.

Much love, 


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