Facing The Long Road Ahead

Don’t feel sad for me.

I am far from sad. 

I am so happy, more than ever! 

The reason I am so happy is I knew long ago that this would probably be coming for me. I chose it. I accepted it. I was preparing for it. I was welcoming and embracing it. I was looking at it as an adventure, a challenge, and an experience that would make me a better person and release abilities that I would have never been able to release unless I experienced this situation.

All great people in history have gone through tragedy and/or devastating times in their lives. Many went to prison. In the Bible, Joseph was thrown in prison for over 7 years. Read the Book of Job in the Bible…think about Mandela, Gandhi, Chavez, even people like Steven Jobs.

Great people who do great things have all had major tragedy. Health issues, bankruptcy, losing all material possessions, family problems, having their businesses taken away, being put in prison etc.. 

Think about and read the stories of Onassis, Pat Robertson, Walt Disney, Colonel Sanders, Ray Crock etc. The list goes on. 

This road is not for everyone and most people should NOT choose this road. But you all will benefit from the road I have taken…

Much love to you all,


3 thoughts on “Facing The Long Road Ahead

  1. I know I have already benefited immensely from Kts incarceration! I can’t WAIT to see where this goes! It’s gonna be really REALLY Good!

  2. I do not care what you say. You are sitting how many years now? and maybe 18 more years? This is uneccaptable, outregous, a crime, insane , Not right,. KT is not a criminal on Heavenly standard. oo bad , that dark energy forces cought you. You were so open for them somehow. Too bad for Us. We miss you terrible. We are with You Kevin, we love you.

  3. I comprehend the challenge and growth concept but, life ebbs and flows. It is not indefinite one way unless you know something in that aspect that I do not. Also, I comprehend the adaptability in hardships but, usually the negative changes back and forth. I am not sure what all the dynamics are in the situation but, even in the case of the son mentioned in the Bible that was sold into slavery (sorry drawing a blank at the moment of the name); however, eventually he received freedom because of his good service while in the horrific situation. My own life has been like that… So, what gives?? Your attorneys are obviously overlooking something …. Something is not right. There is a bigger picture to this (it is possible it is for your protection but, even then???? I don’t mean to send negative to you but, something is not right in Dodge… If you catch my drift – Sure you can sit back and accept but someone is not leveling with you… Yes, of course you are building character that others may not have to experience and that can go either way, which in your case seems to be going okay but, it does have to reach and end point – so, I guess what I am trying to say is that I do not have most of the facts about what has taken place but, do not give up, nor just accept it – build the fkg character and move out of it. Honestly, if you are being told 18 more years, it sounds like someone is more than milking this and they are not being on the level with you. Just an outsiders view. What I really don’t comprehend is why haven’t the people that truly know the law have not intervened in your behalf – because the legal system is a game. Are you familiar with the old Black’s Law dictionary? I think anything older than fifth edition explained the ends and outs. I used the 4th edition myself years ago and it appeared to be spot on. However, most of the attorney’s today have not been trained in true law. The power’s that be have tried everything to get rid of the info but, if you can get and use the info – it can make a difference. I am not saying that the powers will not be upset by it and they most certainly will attempt to humiliate and intimidate you. It is not an easy path but, neither is rotting in a cell even though you may have learned to adjust and even find yourself some what comfortable. Please, forgive me if this is in any way offensive to you. From my slim knowledge of how the legal system works something is off center. Know that you are loved and there are many of us that hold you high in our hearts and minds – You are Loved Brother!

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