Look For The Gold

This is a powerful secret that I will be going into great detail in the future.

Remember, always LOOK for the gold. Find the positive aspects of everything. Find the things to be grateful for in every situation. 

The poet said…

I had the blues because I had no shoes…..

Until the day I walked the street..

I saw a man….

who had no feet.

Count YOUR blessings, and when you do, you feel GOOD…and when you feel GOOD….what you DESIRE (your dreams) comes into your life! 

Much love…


One thought on “Look For The Gold

  1. How true. What is a hardship for one, is a dream to another, One mans trash is another mans treasure. I may not yet have everything I want and I never will because once I go as far as I can see, I will see farther, but I still know, every day, that I have more than somebody, somewhere, and I am eternally grateful.

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