Nelson Mandela passed away… One of my heroes. 

He was convicted of being a TERRORIST! 

And spent 20 years in a jail cell! 

A hero. A person I admired and respected. If I had only 1% of his character. 

I mention to you many of my heroes ..such as Jesus, Gandhi, Chavez etc. All people that were convicted of crimes in court and were sentenced to prison time. 

I am not even in their league. 

They are my heroes. They give me strength. Always look at people who walk the walk, not just talk the talk. And gain strength from what they had to go through. You will be inspired by those who went through much more than you or I have ever endured. 

I look at my life and current situation and see that I have it so easy compared to others who went before me. You can always put things in perspective. Focus on the good things and what you want…and be happy right now! 

I am! 

Much love!


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