Simple Pleasures

Think of all the things you do every day and take for granted. 

A good fresh cup of coffee. 

A walk in the park. 

Petting your dog or cat. 

Playing with your kids. 

Having a pizza. 

Going to a great restaurant and having a spectacular meal. 

Going to see a movie at the cinema. 

Going for a swim. 

Taking a bath. 

Getting a massage. 

Having a nice glass of wine, or scotch, or a fine cigar!  LOL

Are YOU really fully enjoying all those things you take for granted every day? Are you grateful and thankful and feeling so appreciative for being able to enjoy all those seemingly simple pleasures? 

Well, I am so lucky because when I get out of prison, whether months or years from now, I can tell you, I will so fully and totally enjoy all those things more than you can ever imagine!

That means I am so lucky to be able to FEEL more gratitude and thankfulness than many of you are allowing yourselves to feel. I can and will be more appreciative for all those things than you are doing now. I will be fully savoring those simple experiences and feeling more joy from them than you are now…

…and that means, because I will have more intense GOOD feelings doing all those things that the universe is going to POUR into my life, MORE good things than ever before, and in such huge quantities, it will be almost impossible for me to take it all in!

YOU can have the same…just start enjoying EVERY simple pleasure and FEEL SOOOOO grateful that YOU can experience it now! It will be easy for me…but YOU can do it too! 

Enjoy the pizza! REALLY enjoy it…and be SOOOO thankful for all those simple pleasures!  



5 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. I AM completely enjoying every moment with gratitude. When I’m outside playing with my kids, I just admire them and smile, knowing they are MY children and I have the ability to mold them and teach them all these GIN principals that I was never privy to. Late at night, I toast a bagel, put on cream cheese, and as I sit and eat it, I savor every bite. I chew it and feel the sensations of all the flavor. When I lay in bed, I feel the sheets, the softness of the mattress, the coolness of the pillow. I look at my wife next to me and cherish the fact that someone loves me enough to be right there with me. That cup of coffee in the morning? I take that first sip, close my eyes, and feel the vibration of flavor on my tongue and say thank you. Hell, when I sneeze, I feel grateful that my body worked perfectly in repelling an agitation. And then I am grateful and enjoy the sensation of that sneeze.

  2. Im treasuring every messages from you. They are likely Jesus’s teachings . Funny that I hear and see Jesus everywhere lately. You are my hero #2. We live you KT .

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