The Journey

When you have desires…what you “want” is your destination. 

But sometimes…what you “want” is more in the journey!

If you “want” to go white water rafting…it is the trip down the river…the journey…that is what you want…not the destination where your raft ends up! If you “want” to go hiking…or trekking…it is more the journey that you really enjoy…not so much getting to your final destination. 

If you “want” to go to Rome…then it is more the destination that you will enjoy.

However…if you really want to experience a full, exciting, bliss-filled life….ALWAYS enjoy the journey…as well as the destination. 

You will spend more of your life on the “journey” to what you want…than actually “getting there”.

For me, I am in the journey and adventure of a lifetime! 

I do know the actual destination. I know exactly where I am going and what my ultimate desire is. I know that I will “get”…what I “want”. 

And I know that there is a journey I MUST go on in order to get to where I want to go!

There is a place in Zion National Park in Utah called Angels Landing. If your desire is to go there – if your “want” is to get there…there is ONLY ONE way there! One trail! One journey! 

You might hate the hard, dangerous hike…or you might enjoy it…but it is the ONLY way to get to Angels Landing! 

For me…there is only ONE road to where I want to go. I chose this road…so I am totally enjoying this journey…because I know I WILL get to my ultimate destination. 

I MUST go through this wall of fire!

How long will the journey take? I cannot tell you. Maybe a few months, maybe a few years, maybe 20 years. 

It matters not! 

I am more excited everyday now than I have been in all my life…because I am 100% following my bliss and going after MY personal, ultimate dream! 


I finally took the plunge and went after what I have always put off till another day! I was told about something I could have over 20 years ago…a “place” I could get to where I would find ultimate knowledge and release abilities beyond comprehension…but the ROAD would be ..hmmmmm..”interesting!”.

Some may say the road would be hard, dangerous, scary…

For me, I reframed it and made it a road full of excitement and adventure! And now I am on that road…and enjoying the journey! 

Enjoy YOUR journeys you will go on as you go after your dreams, your desires, and your “wants”. 

Remember…ALWAYS enjoy the journey as well and enjoy the destination!

Much Love,


3 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. True words. The journey may just be the most fun. The anticipation of the end result, the struggles, hardships along the way may seem like hurdles yet once the solution is found and the hardships overcome, the self-satisfaction in that accomplishment along the journey itself makes the journey more adventurous. Besides, I know, my destination will be dynamic. It will change from season to season as I move down the road of the journey. What I once found as a desire will be minuscule compared to what I learn of a new desire along the journey. What I want may change due to not knowing what I don’t know. Once I become consciously incompetent, My journey just took a new road. Therein lies the adventure of the journey. I may end up somewhere I never intended but it just may be somewhere so much more valuable.

  2. Kevin, I truly hear what you are saying and agree 100% and if truly that is the journey you desire for what ever reason.. God Bless and Enjoy the Ride. However, that being said There is still something wrong in Dodge and it may even be as simple as someone is jealous of your ability to achieve. I don’t know but, if there is anything that I can do to help, I am here for you. Much Love

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