Why are you sad?

I sat with a man today who looked sad.

He said he was getting out in about 12 months. I was happy for him. But he was depressed because he said he had nothing waiting for him when he would be released.

I asked him why he was sad when he should be excited. He looked at me strangely. 

I told him when I get out I will have nothing. 

I will be homeless and penniless. 

All I will have is a few suitcase and clothes. 

And I told him how excited I was! Think about it I said…you are being given a second chance…a clean slate to start over…A do over for your life…a blank canvas where you can create whatever you want for your future. 

He looked perplexed.

I told him to think about it. I am sure he will. 

Think about YOUR life…it is what YOU MAKE it to be and choose it to be. 

I am EXCITED about the future…like a little kid! And it matters not, if I am here 1 year or 20 years…whenever I get out….I will be stronger… 

Are YOU thinking like this? 

You should…go for your dreams! 



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