It has been written that your life can change in an instant. 

What you used to want, you no longer want. What you want now, you never had any interest in before. 

Leo Tolstoy made this declaration describing how his life changed in a moment of “Self-Realization”. 

His statement describes the experience that is at the core of Enlightenment and the beginning of a more “spiritual life”. 

The moment you become aware and conscious of “God” or Infinite Intelligence as a living presence within you, everything changes. The moment you experience Universal Love and connectedness as your very being, you come out of your “trance”: you become “awakened”, even if only for a brief moment in time.

Until that moment, life is usually mundane, empty, and something seems to be “always missing”. 

Normally we go about our lives eating, sleeping, working, watching TV, mindlessly going through social media and engaging in all types of escapism (alcohol, drugs, sex, food, exercise and numerous other things that engage our senses). We seek fulfillment in relationships, children, career, achievement, money, sexual and sensual pleasures as well as attaining material things and partaking in physical experiences. Our life is defined by what we have, our status, and what our senses tell us is pleasurable or painful. 

Then, for some, a defining moment occurs. It is the instant that “Grace” or a “Blessing” is bestowed on us from what appears to be an outside source and brings to life something from within. This is usually very subtle for most and does not last very long, perhaps only seconds. 

For that instant however, everything is different. 

This “moment” usually comes at a low point in our lives…a time of distress or despair when you feel helpless and powerless. It comes when we can’t “hold on any more” and we must “let go and let God” handle things. 

It can come when we “cry for help” and lose our arrogance and pride. It usually comes when we release our attempt to “control” everyone and everything and surrender, even just for an instant, to some “higher power”. It comes when we become humble and “allow” that “supreme omnipotent power” to take over. It comes when we stop resisting and fighting. 

The French Poet Paul Claudel wrote, “It was as if I had just discovered the second half of the world, the supernatural world. The discovery of America is a small thing next to that”.

When “it” happens, we may not know it at the time. But for some reason we start to feel moved and led to people, organizations, books, audios, events and courses that are more “spiritual” in nature. That little spark that ignited within us leads us to circumstances, conditions and people that will in time give us the “full experience” of “awakening”.

The fact that you are reading this means you are on your way. 

When you ask someone who has had an experience of receiving this “Grace” or “Blessing” or “Awakening” about how it has affected their lives, they usually just smile and their face lights up.  

They talk about a “feeling” that goes beyond a “feeling”. 

They say it is deeper than deep and more profound than could ever be described. 

They talk about how love became overflowing from within; a sense of peace that surpasses all understanding completely engulfed them; feelings of certainty, knowingness and lightness permeated their entire being and they felt expansion, oneness, and connectedness in a more complete way than they could ever imagine. 

When “Grace” is in your life on a consistent basis, everything works, everything flows with ease. 

You are inspired and confident. 

You feel the ultimate safety and protection. 

You KNOW you are loved and that you ARE love. 

There is inner peace that goes beyond anything one can describe. 

You feel powerful and complete. 

You KNOW you can “create” and manifest.

You have certainty about your divine right of dominion and authority over your life.

Grace is that power that frees us. 

It liberates us. 

It illuminates us. 

It gives us complete fulfillment and satisfaction.

It makes fear vanish. 

It gives us the complete knowingness and security that “everything is OK”.

When you are bathed in Grace, you feel “guided” and that you are living under the protection of Divine Providence by a loving personal benevolent force and power that is pure light and unconditional love. 

Many times a person will experience this “Grace” for just a “moment”. They may taste its bliss only briefly. They might know only just a hint of it’s awesome power. 

Most people only get a small glimpse of “Grace” at first. If and when you do, you may “feel something” and “know there is more within”, but it might only be in a very subtle way. 

Other people will experience a complete change in their lives the moment they experience “Grace”. Their life will turn upside down. Everything will change in an instant because the person’s perspective has radically changed when this “Grace” has been bestowed upon them by the Divine. 

“Grace” or “Blessings” or an “Awakening” is called different things in each religious tradition. Every religious tradition has something that could be called “Grace” and they all refer to it with reverence and awe. Grace is the power that reveals the inner secrets of the universe…it allows us to “see and know the Divine” and realize that “God dwells within us, as us.”

This act of “revelation”, known as GRACE, and transference of this “energy” is called Shaktipat in the East. 

Literally this ancient Sanskrit word means “the descent of Divine Energy”. 

A person can receive this “descent of Divine Energy” in many ways. Reading a book, attending an event, meeting a “holy” person, prayer or meditation, engaging in a religious rite or ceremony, or simply asking the Universe or “God” for his Blessings.

When you receive Grace, you actually become aware of the Grace that is already within us. When this happens, a person usually develops an interest in things other than just the material. A person may start  searching for “something more”, usually something “spiritual”. Without an awareness of “God within us”, a person does not even want to hear about anything “spiritual”, or Godly or “holy” or about “Universal Consciousness”, oneness, Awareness, Self-Realization and Love. 

If you question the meaning of life, if you think there is “something more” to life, if you feel that there is more to life than just making money or setting goals and attaining them, then you probably have had the spark of “GRACE” within you. 

Again, the fact that you are reading this, means that you have.

When this spark of Grace grows and becomes more intense and significant in your life, then you are automatically led to a particular “Master”, a perfected being or a “Saint”. 

This person is called a “Guru” in the East. A “Guru” is a person who IS the “grace bestowing power of God”. This “power” is residing in a human body that has complete awareness and consciousness of this fact. 

Although millions around the world are Self-Realized Enlightened beings, very few are actual “Gurus” whose mission, “calling” and purpose on earth is to “bestow this grace to others” in the role as a public “Holy Person” figure. 

We all have this “grace bestowing power of God”, but a complete Enlightened SELF Realized being is fully conscious of this, experiences it as a constant state of being and is ONE with it. This is a “Master” or “Perfected Being”.

A “Guru” is a “Master” who ALSO has the Divine karma to be a public “Holy Person”, whose “job” is to share the gift of grace with many people. Few have this Divine calling.

The “Guru” becomes for us a “source” of Grace. The “Guru” can “awaken” us thus making us more conscious. The Guru can bring to life the dormant energy and spiritual power within us. 

For many, Christ is the “Guru” in their lives without using the word “Guru”. 

One does not have to use the word Guru to describe this perfected being and bestowing of Grace.

When someone lives under the protection of the Grace of a “Guru” (or Christ for believers), we feel like we are in a protective bubble. We actually are. In the East this is sometimes called a “Buddha Field”. 

“Attaching” oneself and plugging into what appears to be an outside source of this Grace is the way, in the beginning, to stay aligned with this Grace and remain “under the protection” of this Grace. This is why people seem to become “devoted” to a physical living “Guru” (a “perfected being” whose unique purpose is to be a public “Holy Person”) or the “risen” Christ. 

When a person is simply reading or hearing their words, looking at a photo of them, thinking about them or being in their physical presence, that “Enlightened Master” continually bestows Grace on the individual. 

Like a cleansing fire, an Enlightened Master’s Grace also activates the person’s own “light from within” to shine so brightly that old karma, emotional and mental “impurities” and negative energy, are all “burned away”. 

Reading this for many of you will be an “Ah Ha” moment. You may be having a major cognition right now. You may be realizing now what has actually been happening in your life. You may now understand more about the teachings in my “The Science of Personal Mastery Course”; “The Success Mastery Course”; The GuruKev Lessons; and The Nuggets of Gold training. 

You might be able to see how all the puzzle pieces fit together! 🙂

This is just the beginning my friends.

The best is yet to come for all of you. 

Open yourself to the Grace and Love that is being bestowed on you right now. 

It is real. 

It is authentic. 

It is genuine.

And it is more powerful than you could ever imagine.  

May you NOW, never be the same.

With Much Love. 

Your friend, 


4 thoughts on “Grace

  1. I think I created this for about a week. It was not the full feelings Kevin was describing but it was crazy. It happened exactly how he described. I was stressing myself out with my sales job and focusing on the training and my goals. And I was very very anxious. I was also VERY frustrated that I didn’t really know what I wanted. My train of thought was I don’t know what I want, I don’t know what I want, how am I ever going to get what I want if I don’t know what I want. I got so stressed I even started to manifest health issues. Finally I just had to let go because the stress was killing me. I said, I’m just gonna forget about all my goals and be happy. Im just gonna work my hours and be happy, and whatever happens happens. I gotta form some kind of plan to do this. So I made a plan, I started doing things that Abraham said to do. Wake up, meditate, go outside, do BOPA. The topics I chose to write about were ones with no energy about them, I think I did this by accident and realized it later. I would write about a pen and how much I liked that pen. I had no cares except relief. I said to myself if I make 5 sales this week or 0 I don’t care as long as I’m working my hours. After about a couple weeks of doing this I must have slowly worked myself up into a really high vibration. I had this magical power. When I would talk to people and try to sell them my product my attitude was I dare you to give me any objection because I will walk away so fast it will make your head spin because I don’t care if you buy my product, (but not exactly like that, in a lighter way.) I started thinking thoughts like I love my life, life is so magical, life is so cool. I wasn’t trying to force these thoughts or do affirmation thoughts. I felt so light and good. These thoughts were just coming out of nowhere. And I started selling a lot but I didn’t care about the sales. By the end of the week I had sold so much I got a standing ovation in my sales meeting. Of course I know everyone reading wants to know the results. That week if those sales were averaged out would have been worth $9450. It might have been worth more. But I didn’t care, my goal three weeks earlier was just find a plan to not have a nervous breakdown. The next week I now said i wanna do this every week. There was resistance. I probably worked just as hard the next week but with a small percentage of the results as far as physical results. I didn’t have any good feeling results either( by that I mean manifesting good feelings IS a result). It was the happiest week of my life and it was a week where a was knocking doors LMAO! I am happy almost all the time but not like that. But like Kevin said if you are reading this you are on your way. I know I’m too focused on manifesting physical right now. But at least I know. I’m on the way!

  2. Kevin wrote a wonderful text.
    Its only title evoked in me the city of Grace in France.
    City of perfumes with hills covered with millions of flowers intended for their manufacture.
    I wish everyone to feel these vibrations carrying the beating of their own heart, as if each were reading these words in a real place made magical where all their senses would nourish their own power.
    A place where everyone would breathe the purest fragrances, see the most beautiful colors and most appropriate to the most perfect visualizations of their dream like thousands of flowers accompanying them on the path between their heart and their soul.
    The path of life that everyone deserves to follow, well protected from anything that could have compromised it. Thanks Kevin for all tresures you tranmit. 🙏🏼

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