Dance Like No One Is Watching

How to Release “Stuck” Negative Energy

Here is a simple process that will release stuck negative energy. This will get the “energy moving” in your body and in the “field”. 

Doing this WILL create positive results and fast. 

You will feel better. 

Your desires will more easily manifest in your life. 

You will increase your concentration and focus. 

You will feel a higher degree of “inner peace” and happiness. 

Simply go into a room by yourself. Play your favorite “dance” music. Then for the next 10 minutes (set a timer), dance like no one is watching! 

Go wild and crazy. 

Let loose. 

Let go. 

Let it all out. 

Really move your body. Let all your inhibitions out. 

Sing if you want to as well, LOUD. 

There is a movie called “Men Who Stare at Goats”. It is based on a true story of the US Military training men to be “psychic”. In the movie there is a scene where this “dancing” happens. It is fun and informative to watch. 

Do this process and you WILL feel the difference immediately.

Much love, 

21 thoughts on “Dance Like No One Is Watching

  1. Merci Kévin tout ce que je dirais est insuffisant pour exprimer le bien que vous m’avez fait dans ma vie, vous m’avez sauvé la vie

    1. espectacular bailar sin control, me siento feliz, mi cuerpo mucho menos tenso, mi rostro satisfecho, es genial esta forma de liberar energía negativa, Dios se lo pague por cada receta para Mi cambio.. yujuuuuuu

  2. I think dancing will be one of my favorite activities soon again as before at certain times in my life too short.
    Too good to feel the energy flux and the balance!
    Much love and positive energy to you too 💖

  3. Amazing!
    I just did it after feeling down for months and I feel a little better, enthusiastic as I have not felt for a while now….
    Thank you! For every single second you give to all of us who are learning and feeling better and better.
    Much love from your southern neighbor!

  4. Pendant 10 ans j’ai fait de la danse des 5 rythmes 6 heures par semaine. Ça a changé ma vie. Merci KT

  5. Danke lieber Kevin. Ja gerade jetzt da wir viel zu Hause “hocken” ist es eine super Idee wieder mal zu rocken. Ich tanze sehr gern, doch allein, das stimmt, viel zu wenig. Werde ich gleich mal umsetzen. Dir einen schönen Tag und ich sende dir viel Sonnenschein in dein Herz

  6. Bonjour, je vous suis très reconnaissant mon cher maître pour tout ce que vous m’avez appris et continuez à m’apprendre.
    Que Dieu vous bénisse.

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