The Mystery of Momentum

To be successful in life, it is ideal to be “in the flow”, “have the wind at your back”, “have all the stars lined up”, to “be swimming downstream”. 

When this happens, success breeds success. Positive results produce more positive results. You are “on a roll”, you have your “mojo” going . It is said you have “momentum”. 

We hear this most often in sports. 

A team is doing well, then very quickly something happens and “the momentum shifts” to the other team. 

When you “have momentum”, all the doors are opened for you. 

You have the floodgates of heaven open and blessings are pouring into your life. 

You feel confident and powerful. 

You are happy. 

You are positive and enthusiastic. 

You smile and are full of energy. 

How does one get “momentum” and not lose it? 

For many, this is a big “Mystery”.

How and why momentum works is also a big “Mystery”. 

I will address the “how and why” momentum works in future lessons.

Here are 3 easy steps that can help get you “momentum”.

1.) Make a goal that is easy to achieve, write it down, then achieve it and celebrate your success.

2.) Give yourself a “motivational speech” out loud (looking at yourself in a mirror is ideal) when no one is looking, OFTEN throughout the day and use “positive self-talk” throughout the day as suggested in Shad Helmstetter’s book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

3.) Write down some of your past “wins” or successes – things that you achieved or did that you are proud of. Spend only 5 minutes on this (set a timer). Do this daily. Read the list out loud and expand on it with your words. This gets you focusing on success and will boost your confidence.

The “Momentum Cycle” goes like this:

Success creates confidence, which creates the “right action”, which creates “success habits”, which create success, which creates MORE confidence, which creates MORE “right action”, which creates MORE “success habits”, which creates MORE success….on and on it goes. 

Tap into the power of momentum. When you feel you have “lost your momentum”, take some of these steps to “get the momentum back” on your side. 

See you at the top. 

Much love, 


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  1. My BEST MOMENTUM always true is read and apply what YOU say !
    A pure golden vein.
    Much Love and much Bless to You.

  2. bjr tt ce que dit kevin est exact je l’ai fait avant de connaitre GIN car j’ai été championne ds le filtness en 1 an et les sportifs emploi cette méthode pour obtenir leur objectif

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