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People say to me ” I bet you will be very happy when you get out of prison and back with your friends and family.” Yes, that is true. But here is the secret. I am happy RIGHT NOW. I will NOT be HAPPIER when I get out! I think about getting out and feel happiness. Then I look at my current situation, see the perfection in it and feel the SAME happiness as I WILL feel when I get out! 

That is the secret to both getting what you want AND being happy all the time! You MUST see that your current situation is perfect. It is always what YOU chose, YOU created, YOU invited into your experience and YOU manifested! 

Do NOT despise your current situation. YOU and only YOU created it with your vibration (thoughts, attention, feelings, emotions, focus). It IS for YOUR benefit if you look for the gold. Some people say “but I cannot see HOW this is for my benefit”. The answer is the benefit is off the radar screen. You WILL see HOW and WHY it is of benefit to you later on down the road. People say “someday we will look back at this and laugh.” Why wait? Be happy and laugh now! 

Treat your current experience as a glass of the best champagne. See your current situation as very good. Now, just like drinking fine champagne, you can CHOOSE to have something else. You do not hate the champagne, you still love it, you just simply CHOOSE to enjoy something new or different. 

Same with your current situation. Look at it, see the perfection in it, love it, feel good, then if you want something else, simply choose that, think about that, feel good when you think about the new thing you want to experience and replace the current situation…but always still feel good when you look at your current situation!

Life is a co-creative experience. Every person you meet is for a reason. Maybe THEY needed to meet YOU! Or maybe YOU needed to meet THEM. Or maybe (actually this is the truth), you BOTH needed to meet each other. So, with everyone you meet, ask what can I learn from THEM? And ask, what can I GIVE to them? Doing this will make you feel enriched and empowered. 

Take life less seriously. Have more fun. Laugh more. Play more…..and watch your desires and dreams begin to manifest. But you won’t even care that much or notice because you are already having too much fun! The mystery of life is when you don’t care if you get your desire and are happy right now when you do not have it…that is when it comes to you without effort. 

As the saying goes, you will get it when you least expect it. Now that truth might make sense. Sending you infinite peace, harmony, tranquility, serenity, and the deepest appreciation. I love you all just the way you are as I can feel your energy (who you really are) and you ARE perfect right now!


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