Getting What You Want

The first step to manifesting your dream/desire/what you want, is to look at your current experience right now. Look at everything. Your health, body, relationships, financial situation, house/home, car, clothes, job, etc. Really look at it and see it. How does it make you feel? Is it what you want and desire? 

Instantly, without you even knowing consciously, you have made new choices about what you NOW, DO want, based on what you are looking at and how it makes you feel. You have just created new desires, wants, and dreams. Most people stop here. They continue to look at who they are, what they are doing, and what they have. They focus on what IS their current reality and feel BAD about it because it is not what they want. They want things different. They might even think about what they DO want and feel bad because they do not have it now! Things thus never change. 

The secret is AFTER you look at everything in your life and feel the feelings…do 2 things. First, consciously decide and clarify what you want NOW, DO want. Picture it. Think about it. Write it down. Imagine you already are living it and having it and FEEL the way you WOULD feel if you already were in possession of your desires. You should feel fantastic. 

NOW look at everything in your life right now and realize YOU created everything in your CURRENT experience! You and only you created it…so be proud of your creation and love it!…see it as perfect right now….see the perfection in it…be thankful for it as it allows you to clarify what you want…and ENJOY IT and LOVE IT RIGHT NOW! FEEL GOOD NOW! That is the secret. 

Two things happen when you follow this formula. One, you feel good right now! You are happy, full of joy and living in appreciation. Second, BECAUSE you LOVE your current creation and feel good now, you bring your NEW choices/desires/dreams/wants, into your reality faster! Love your created it..and you can create something different if you choose.

Peace and love to you all.


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