A Message From A Student Of Kevin’s

A Message From A Student of Kevin’s

I spent several years learning about and practicing Buddhism. It was there that I first came across the concept of Duality. It seemed like such a central idea for understanding a better way to Be in this world, but I just didn’t get it. Until now. Kevin’s Science of Personal Mastery Course has illuminated this concept of Duality for me in such a simple way. 

Perhaps it is the loving and awakening energy which Kevin’s Newsletter is imbued, or the clever and entertaining way that Kevin brings me to a new understanding, step by step. 

Kevin’s latest work, which he is now sharing with the world, is truly a gift that delivers instant and powerful cognitions, even in a casual read. 

But these are not casual teachings that Kevin has assembled for us, they are lifetime learning tools that my family will read and re-read for decades to come. I highly recommend that anyone interested in personal development and in achieving greater inner peace, to add The Science of Personal Mastery Course to your family library. Thank you Kevin for another incredible contribution to my growth and happiness!”

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