Love Your Enemy

We hear, “Love your enemies”, “Love those who hate you” and other such things. Why should you love your enemies and those who hate you. 

Because what you put out WILL come back into your life. How you think about them, how you talk about them will come back to YOU. This is karma. What you put out, will be returned to you.
But HOW is it possible to love your enemies and those who hate you. Easy. The word “love’ is confusing. Buddha never used the word “love”. The word he used is best translated as “compassion”. If you define compassion (love) as believing that your enemies and those who hate you have a RIGHT to be happy and they should NOT suffer, then you are showering them with LOVE! 

You do NOT have to invite them to your house to dinner! Follow this simple formula and watch magic start to happen in your life. Your thoughts are the most powerful tool you have. 

Have compassionate thoughts as compassion is defined here, and your life will get better and better and “gooder and gooder”!

Much love,

Your friend,


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