3 Categories People Fall Into Regarding Situations In Life And The World

Consider these facts: 

5% of people make things happen. 

15% watch things happen.

80% of people have no idea what is happening! They just look around as if in a trance and say “what happened?”.

Not everyone can be in the 5%. Everyone is not wired to be in the 5%. A seed of corn can only produce corn. It cannot produce apples. If you are not one of the 5%, you cannot change that, in the same way that a seed of corn cannot become a seed that produces an apple tree and apples.


But everyone CAN be in the 15% category. Moving from the 80% to the 15% category is a choice. The 15% category is actually someone who watches the 5% group make things happen. They are at least “aware” to some degree. 

The SMART people in the 15% category not only watch those 5% people, but HELP those 5% people. 

I suggest you be in the 15% category and attach yourself to someone who is one of the rare 5% people who make things happen and create big things. Help that person achieve their dream. Be part of their mastermind. Be part of their dream and make it your own.

That is the way most people get rich and live fulfilled successful lives. They are part of a team or group following a “leader and visionary”. 

They are on a “mission”. 

They have real purpose. 

They go to work knowing that their efforts are part of a much bigger endeavor that is positively impacting people and helping in some way make life for at least one other person “better”. 

Think about this. 

Much love,