A Most Important Thing

The Importance Of Controling How You Respond To Situations In Life

The single most important thing that will determine what happens in your life is how you respond and react to the things that are happening right now. You constantly judge, evaluate, react and respond to every person you meet; everything anyone says or does to you; every situation you deal with; every event that is presented to you; every external condition you are in; and everything you experience.

This means you have thoughts, say words, do things and feel emotions based on how you choose to respond to everything around you as it is happening. How you choose to respond with your thoughts, words, actions and feelings determine the NEXT set of conditions, experiences, events and situations that the Universe will present to you. 

This is “karma”. Having a deliberate intent and desire for something is a “wanting”. This is the creation process that you can activate on purpose. But, for most people, the desires that a person has (the wanting), is counteracted by the reactions (thoughts, words, actions and feelings) that you put out in response to what life is presenting to you in each moment.

When you can feel good about everything being presented to you, you are in a constant state of creating “good karma” and thus creating a wonderful next set of conditions. 

Much Love,