A Strong Desire

The Importance Of Seeking Inner Peace Before Seeking To Manifest Your Earthly Desires

If you want something, a strong desire can override everything else. But the road to the attainment of your desire will be rough going. This is why you see people get the “things” they strongly desire but are miserable while they are in the process of attaining their desires. And once they get their desires they have no satisfaction or fulfillment. 

There are seemingly many “ways or methods” to manifesting what you want in life. Actually, there is only one. The Law of Attraction is what manifests all desires for all people. Karma however does come into play. Karma is unmanifested desires (vibration) that are in your “escrow account”, and seemingly manifest without you doing anything in this life. However, this is still the Law of Attraction in action.

I suggest to all, seek first inner peace, and all your desires will come true, but you will be happy and joyous in the process.

Much love,