Achieve 5 Times More Starting Tomorrow

The Power Of Releasing The Addiction To Technology

Do this super quick exercise and you can learn how to accomplish 5 times more each day starting tomorrow. 

Imagine that you do not have a cell phone, TV, or computer. That means no mobile smartphone, no laptop, no tablet, or any other internet-connected device. 

Now, simply plan your day tomorrow but because you don’t have those “time wasters”:

1.) You cannot watch ANY TV 

2.) You cannot use your smartphone (which means you can neither receive nor send texts or telephone calls)

3.) You cannot use a computer for work and NO social media, no surfing the net, no Google searches, no reading anything on the internet

Sounds impossible? Well, this is pretty much how I have lived every day for most of my life. 

I first started out in business back in 1982 and moved to Chicago. I rented a very inexpensive apartment with no air conditioning. Most importantly, I did not put a television or radio in the apartment.  

Most people would come home after work and sit in front of the “boob tube” for hours. What a huge waste of time. 

I on the other hand would come home from the office and read, write, do yoga, or meditate. Or, rather than stay home alone in my apartment, I would go out and socialize, network, and DO THINGS. 

Other people were non-productive and wasted time. I was extremely productive and maximized the time to my advantage. 

Remember, time waits for no one!

When personal computers started coming out, most people bought one for their homes. People immediately became addicted to their computers and would sit for endless hours “surfing the net” and playing with their new toy. It was similar to the CB radio craze in the ’70s.  

Friends of mine stopped going out. They quit their bowling leagues and Bridge nights. They stopped going to the theater. 

Instead, they would stay up into the wee hours of the morning, never leaving their homes, “surfing the net” and doing all kinds of “online chatting” and other things on their new “toy”: the personal home computer. 

They simply wasted years of their lives doing “nothing”.  They were totally addicted. 

Today, all those guys are broke, unhealthy, and miserable. They wasted their lives. 

Today, especially in America, people are totally addicted to their smartphones, TV, and their computers. 

It is estimated that the average American spends over 5 hours a day doing basically “nothing” watching TV and using their smartphone and computers for non-essential activities. 

We all know people are totally addicted to their smartphones. That means you all are slaves. The addiction to smartphones, TV’s ad computers burn up time and keep you unproductive, unhealthy, and unhappy. Spending all that nonproductive time on those devices and watching TV will keep you broke and miserable. 

Just try to plan your day with these parameters. Do this exercise. 

If you do, you will instantly see for yourself how many HOURS a day are totally wasted with TV, your smartphone, social media, surfing the net, and doing basically nothing productive.  

Not only do I DO more in just one day than most people do in a week, I ACCOMPLISH more in one day before most people do in a whole month! Simply because I do not waste time on nonsense.

Years ago, there was a TV ad for the US Army. It showed the soldiers getting up before dawn and doing all these activities. The “tag line” was “We do more before 9 am than most people do in a whole day!” 

You can be more productive. You can achieve your goals and dreams. You can be happy and fulfilled. 

It really is simple. Throw out the TV. Stop wasting time on social media and surfing the net.

Do you really have to have 500 “apps” on your phone?

Why do you “need” to have “friends and likes” from your social media accounts? Are you so narcissistic that you have to take selfies all day and post them so others can see “you”?

Remember the axiom: Plan your work and work your plan.

Try this exercise. You might have an awakening. 

Much love,