Understanding The Real Purpose Of Adversity And 'Negative' Situations In Our Lives

Be positive. Be happy. Feel good now. It is easy to feel good when things go as you “think” they should. The magic happens when you feel good when things “appear” to be bad. Because, you CAN see that what appears to be bad things, are NOT bad at all, but perfection, and GREAT! 

When your attitude is right the facts don’t count. You must call things that be not as THOUGH they were! You must claim things unseen as if they ARE seen. 

In every “adversity” (what you THINK or CLAIM to be an adversity) is a seed of a larger positive benefit! The bigger the “adversity”, the larger the seed for an even larger more positive benefit. “Adversity” causes you to strongly desire what you want. That desire is the seed! Be thankful and appreciative for “adversity”! The key is to not look at the adversity as a bad thing, but to actually see it and feel it as a good thing, a great thing! Find the gold in the “adversity”. 

The DESIRE of what you want is automatic! Thus, the seed is automatically planted when you experience the “adversity”. The feeling good in the middle of the “adversity” germinates the seed and produces the great positive result. This has happened my entire life. 

When the Government sued me for Coral Calcium, it looked like I was out of the TV Infomercial business forever. But I could do a book. I never thought about doing a book…but out of that tremendous adversity came the book Natural Cures. Millions of people have been positively affected by that book. 

When I was fined $37 million for the weight loss cure book, out of that “disaster” came Your Wish is Your Command and GIN! I am so thankful for that $37 million fine, aren’t you?! 

When I got a 10-year prison sentence. I was so thankful it was not over 20 years! WOW! I got a miracle! I am going to take the few short years I will have in prison (the time will go sooo fast!) and make it the best years of my life! I am so thankful and blessed. And I am SOO excited about the amazing wonderful seeds that have been planted that WILL manifest very soon! 

In a few years, we all will be saying, “the 10-year sentence was the absolute best thing that could have ever happened to KT and for everyone!” You are about to witness a miracle right before your eyes! 

Remember, with God (Source energy) ALL things are possible! I’m excited, how about you?!

Much love…