All Is Well

Letting Go Of Judgement Regarding Others' Situations

I am the best I have ever been. And getting better. I am not attached to any outcome, so I yield to the Universe and am allowing the perfect manifestation of my personal goals, dreams and desires in the WAY Source knows is best. My desires are not about myself, they are about you, society, the planet and the universe. 

Peace, harmony, love and all people feeling the deepest contentment and appreciation for all experiences is one of my visions. My desires are my desires. They are not your desires. Mine are right for me alone. Yours are right for you alone. All our choices, preferences, desires, dreams, goals are always right for each of us. 

Do not try to force YOUR desires or your ways of living on others. You will just live with frustration and never be truly at peace/contentment or experience true inner total bliss. Many wonder about my situation (prison) and make all kinds of assumptions. 

Consider stop looking at others and judging, condemning, assuming things and criticizing their conditions and the way they choose to go through this game we call life and the situations/events they create. Wanting to make oneself right and others wrong is a motivation that will keep you from experiencing all your desires and feeling true bliss.

Know at the deepest levels, we create circumstances in life (that are in fact just games we create), to experience a full range of emotions as well as conditions to allow us to exercise our invisible power! Know all the well.

Much love,