Attaining Complete Inner Bliss

The Importance Of Creating A Foundation Of Inner Enlightenment

Why would anyone want to attain enlightenment, which is also called SELF realization and God realization? When you attain this state you achieve a feeling of complete and total wholeness, completeness, and oneness. 

You are perpetually fulfilled, satisfied, and content. You have bubbling up from within you, at all times, the feelings of love, joy, bliss, ecstasy, happiness, and glee. You are carefree, cheerful, and lighthearted. You are fun to be around. You see the gold in everyone and everything. 

You see GOD in everyone and everything. You love people without condition and without exception. This love permeates your being and radiates from you perpetually. You never suffer. While your body and mind may show some human emotions at times, you are not attached to them.

You witness them and observe them. They do not affect your inner state. Imagine going on a roller coaster ride. During the ride you may be screaming in fear, but you are never suffering. In fact, you ENJOY experiencing the emotion of fear while on the roller coaster, and may even want to go for another ride! When you are fully SELF realized you never suffer from any kind of fear. You are fearless. You have total peace, security and contentment. You are calm, relaxed and at ease at all times and in all situations. You have supreme confidence. 

You never suffer from depression, sadness, grief, anger, fear, anxiety, envy, lust, jealousy, embarrassment, humiliation, hate, or any negative emotion. When you are enlightened you are truly free on all levels and all dimensions. I teach how to attain this state in The Science of Personal Mastery Course.

Much Love,