Attaining Something New?

A Secret To Attaining What You Do Not Have Right NOW At This Moment

Can you really attain what you do not have now? Or do you simply “attain” what you already have by becoming aware of what is already there?

If you do get something you do not already have, what good is that anyway?

If you did not have it before, and if you do attain it and have it now, it is almost certain that you will lose it, or it will fade away in time, as everything in the material world does. Mastery is knowing that you “attain” what you already have right now, by simply becoming more conscious. 
Then you can never “lose” what you “attained”.

Here is the clarification: This is a very high teaching. You may not “get it” now. That is OK. The seed has been planted. Let me amplify and expound on this teaching.

When you are trying to attain something you do not have now, it is usually something material in nature, such as a new car, a new job, a lover, better health, more money, etc. But if you REALLY ask yourself WHY you want any of these things, you will find that what you are REALLY trying to attain is a “feeling”. If you REALLY keep asking WHY you want something you don’t have now, it will come down to wanting to have inner happiness, joy, love, contentment, fulfillment, ecstasy, peace, bliss, serenity, a feeling or sense of connectedness or oneness or union, a feeling or being wanted and loved, etc.

We ultimately want to feel beyond just good. We want to feel COMPLETE. ALL these “feelings” are ALREADY within you. They are “already there”. So in reality, you never “attain” something you don’t already have. You simply become more aware or conscious of what is always within you. 

This is why masters are always anchored in a state of perpetual bliss no matter what the external conditions of their life are like. When you are at this state of awareness, no material loss will ever affect you. And no material gain will ever be a source of inner joy, but rather only a source of temporary physical pleasure, which ALWAYS fades away.

Think about this teaching and experience the peace and joy that surpasses all human understanding. You can experience this NOW… right NOW if you simply wake up! 

Much love,

Your friend always,