Give Light

How can you help yourself grow, increase your ability to manifest and be happier and more at peace than ever before? By giving. The secret of living is giving.  What do you give? Your essence, your energy. You can only give what you have and what you are.  How do you give away your energy? […]

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The State of Consciousness

When a being is fully “conscious” and aware, they transcend the illusion of the physical material world of duality (duality is seeing everything as independent such as a me and you; a this and that; a here and there; where everything and everyone is separate and not connected).   When a being is aware that everything and […]

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Giving Creates Inner Joy

This is the Christmas season. It is celebrated by Christians and in many countries, non-Christians as well.  For those who do celebrate this holiday, you may notice that at this time of year, everyone seems a little “merrier”, a little happier, a little more joyful. During the “holidays”, we all seem to feel more loving, […]

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Is Everything Alright?

When a person says, “Everything is alright”, or “It’s all good” it should NOT mean things are as you think they should be. What it should mean is that you realize that even though things may NOT be as you want them, or as you THINK (in your ultimate wisdom) SHOULD be, you KNOW that […]

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Exercise, Postues, TM

There are three habits that will make your physical health better, increase your ability to create financial prosperity, and bring you inner peace, joy and happiness. 1.) Exercise 2.) Yoga postures (asanas) 3.) Meditation Exercise includes: strength or resistance training; aerobics; anaerobic high-intensity training; walking; ballistic stretching (such as The Shaolin Workout); other stretching (such […]

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Why You Feel Bad

There are several reasons why a person will “feel bad”. One major reason is this: Everything in your life is your creation and is a part of you. When you create something in your life, YOU have expanded and your creation is an expression and extension of YOU. It is a part of you. This […]

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The Secret Is In Front Of You

Something to consider: All advanced training is essentially, taking a person who has worked with the “basics” for a period of time, back to redo and DRILL the basics, ONE concept at a time, in a new unit of time as THE PERSON is different, thus the basic training is different, and more importantly their […]

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Your Eyes Deceive You

In the Success Mastery Course training, it says that your eyes can deceive you. Remember, it is not what you see, but how you feel that tells you the truth about things. But most people are influenced too much by what they see with their physical eyes.  Sometimes people look good, sound good, smell good, […]

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What You Really Want

Focus on what you REALLY want. Not the methods you THINK will get you what you want.  When you say what you want…ask…WHY do I want that? And when you get that answer….ask…WHY do I want that…..Keep going until you get to what you ultimately REALLY want…and focus on THAT…and be HAPPY right now, while […]

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Kung Fu

Many of you know I have trained for many years with my dear friend and teacher Grand Master Tsai. You may also know that I had a Monk from the Shaolin Temple in China (the birthplace of martial arts), come to my home in Ojai CA and train me one on one in Kung Fu, […]

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