Be Grateful

A Powerful Lesson On The Importance Of Being Grateful For What You Have Now

People always complain about not having what they want. They complain about having bills; not having the car or house of their dreams; not having enough money, etc. 

I suggest to you to count your blessings. 

Look for the gold. 

List the things you are grateful for.

Being happy and fulfilled is a choice. It is a decision. It is how you frame things. It is the contrast you create and the perspective you put on things.

Consider where I am (prison). 

I am so thankful! 

I have a clean comfortable warm bed. Great food. I have better living conditions than the majority of the millions who are in the military. I have it better than the majority of the millions in prisons in countries around the world! I have it better than the millions of homeless. I have it better than the tens of millions who go to bed cold, hungry, and live without running water or clean sewage and no sanitation. There are tens of millions who are sleeping on dirt floors, who are riddled with disease and sickness with no hope. 

I am so lucky. I have an amazing opportunity to relax and de-stress! Everything is free for me! The government is paying for everything! 

WOW! How lucky am I!??

I could be paying huge money to go to a monastery or ashram somewhere and have much less comfortable living conditions. I get this as a gift. 

Remember, in life, turn lemons into lemonade! 

Smile and be happy! 

Love you all!