Being At Peace No Matter What

Finding The Gold In Every Situation

I am often asked how I can be so happy and at peace being here in prison. People come up to me all the time and say, “How can you focus on being free and living a happy life, when the government took everything away from you, and you are stuck in the horrible conditions of prison?” 

The answer is this. I do not focus on being free and living a happy life as that would be focusing on the future. I focus on the present. But when I do, I am an expert treasure hunter. I look for the gold in every situation, and I find a fortune worth of gold every day! 

In my situation, I find “good” in every event, person, condition, and experience. I think about what I want (the future), but only momentarily. I live in the present and focus on each moment. As I do, I see something wonderful in everything. That gives me the experience of total bliss and joy. 

Because I am always “happy”, content, fulfilled, and satisfied, I vibrate these positive frequencies of ecstasy and peace. By doing so, I am attracting into my life more people, situations, conditions, events, and circumstances that will make me feel joy, bliss, happiness, contentment, peace etc. 

One might say that my conditions do not seem to be changing. But when you plant a seed in the ground, it does not sprout immediately. It takes time. When conditions do not seem to change but you are always genuinely happy, know that the seed that has been planted will take root and grow into a magnificent and beautiful tree that will produce magnificent fruit. 

This is something you can learn how to do. This is freedom, not delusion. This is being completely liberated. This is being “at cause” over your environment, instead of “at effect” of your environment. 


Much love, 

Your friend,