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Reading Books With Discernment

I am rereading all my personal “basic training” books I got from my “uncle” over 30 years ago!  Before I started reading the books, I was taught the “truth” about vibrations and how “it works”.  Then I was told to read the books knowing that they are being influenced by a man’s ideas and perceptions […]

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Self Image

Someone wrote me and said, “Kevin, your roommate is so lucky to have YOU (Kevin) as a roommate.”  I never thought about that…all I thought was how lucky I was to have HIM as a roommate! Think about that! You see, people are ALL different. No 2 people are the same. We ALL are different […]

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Why are you sad?

I sat with a man today who looked sad. He said he was getting out in about 12 months. I was happy for him. But he was depressed because he said he had nothing waiting for him when he would be released. I asked him why he was sad when he should be excited. He […]

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Ask and it is Given

If there was a Bible for those of you who listen to my audios, it would be the book, Ask and it is Given.  Being here, I have the amazing opportunity to spend most of my day reading and actually DOING the processes in that book!  We all make excuses (me included) as to why […]

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The Journey

When you have desires…what you “want” is your destination.  But sometimes….what you “want” is more in the journey! If you “want” to go white water rafting…it is the trip down the river…the journey…that is what you want…not the destination where your raft ends up! If you “want” to go hiking…or trekking….it is more the journey […]

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Look For The Gold

This is a powerful secret that I will be going into great detail in the future. Remember, always LOOK for the gold. Find the positive aspects of everything. Find the things to be grateful for in every situation.  The poet said… I had the blues because I had no shoes….. Until the day I walked […]

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Simple Pleasures

Think of all the things you do every day and take for granted.  A good fresh cup of coffee.  A walk in the park.  Petting your dog or cat.  Playing with your kids.  Having a pizza.  Going to a great restaurant and having a spectacular meal.  Going to see a movie at the cinema.  Going […]

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Face Your Fears

You must face your fears and confront what worries, concerns, or gives you distress.  I taught this at my last 1 day seminar. You should email and get the audios of that seminar!  Example. General Patton feared being shot right between the eyes. Yet in the movie, “Patton”, there is a scene during an […]

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Feel Good

I am rereading “Ask and it is Given“.  WOW! It was totally rewritten since the last time I read it!  LOL Sound familiar!? If there is one book any of you should read and reread, this is the book!  In your life, the only important thing is to feel good now. People might judge you […]

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Be Grateful

People always complain about not having what they want. They complain about having bills; not having the car or house of their dreams; not having enough money, etc.  I suggest to you to count your blessings.  Look for the gold.  List the things you are grateful for. Being happy and fulfilled is a choice. It […]

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