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Being Teachable

Remember, when you are humbled, you are the most teachable.  Now I am more teachable than ever!  And even more important, when you have nothing else to lose, when all of your worldly possessions are gone, you are totally free. This freedom allows you to tap into the universal field more fully than at any […]

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A Gift

My situation appears to the untrained eye as negative.  But it is not!  It is a gift given to me and everyone associated with me…   So to all of you, take advantage of this gift and situation as I am taking full advantage of it. Get all the amazing, once in a lifetime benefits from […]

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I Chose To Create This

Please know that I chose to create this path I am on.  This is a road very few will ever choose. But I created this, as it is the ONLY road that will take me to where I want to go. The reasons will be known and revealed to you all in due time.  I […]

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Hidden Truth

There is a similar “story” told in almost every ancient culture around the world. This “story” is almost identical, yet it is in the writings of cultures that never “met”. These include the Sumerians, ancient tribes in India, African tribes, Aboriginals of Australia, the Inca’s, Mayans and Aztecs, and the Hopi Indians of North America, […]

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The Secret To Focus

The Mahabharata is a 5000 year old spiritual text from India. In it is the story of a young Prince named Arjuna who, with dozens of other Princes, is being trained in archery by the sage Drona. Drona is regarded as the greatest archery teacher who ever lived. Arjuna is proving to be Drona’s greatest […]

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Egomaniac “Success” Coaches

When it comes to self-improvement, personal development, Self-Realization, Enlightenment, “success” training, personal transformation, how to set and attain goals, and other such areas of the mind and spiritual nature of man, consider this: no one ever has invented or created anything. All a person ever did was “discover” the Truth: what was there all along. […]

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What You Want, Wants You

My friend sent me this quote from the ancient Mystic, Rumi. It contains the secret to success in anything and everything.  “When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety. If I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and […]

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Many people ask me about meditation and “mindfulness”. Some of you know I have been engaged in this process for over 40 years utilizing hundreds of different methods and systems. I just read a great new book published this year (2018) called: Strength in Stillness, The Power of Transcendental Meditation by Bob Roth. It is […]

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The Magic of Letting Go

Over 3 decades ago, I went through all The Sedona Method courses and training. As you know, I have done almost every kind of personal development, self-improvement, personal transformation, enlightenment, personal growth and spiritual  kind of training available. Mostly from the founders or developers of the method themselves (not always). I just reviewed the Sedona […]

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