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The First 4 Books Read By GuruKev And A Brief Description Of His 'Uncle'

So many people ask me about my “early training”. People want to know how I was “trained” into the mystical arts, the secrets of manifesting one’s desires, making money, and my path towards Enlightenment resulting in ultimate inner peace. 

My personal path is mostly irrelevant as it relates to your journey. Your path will and should be different than my path. Your first step will probably be different than my first step because we all start at different “points”. 

Even if your first step was the same as mine, your next step will probably be different than my next step because we would have both progressed at different speeds and in different directions.

This is why everyone’s “first book to read” is usually different. 

This is also why I produced Your Wish is Your Command; The Success Mastery Course; and The Science of Personal Mastery Courses. They each start at a place where “most” people can start. And they progress at a gradient and on a path that will resonate with “most” people. 

They are the closest thing to a “customized” training program given to you by someone who “knows” you. 

From the moment I was born, I was interested in “Material Success”, achievement, and how people manifested their desires. However, I really did not care about money or things at all. My REAL passion was spiritual “Enlightenment” and the power of the “Mind”. 

So I came into this world “asking” the Universe for answers. 

Ask and you will receive. Ask and it is given. 

Thus my training started in the early 70’s when the Universe brought into my life my “Uncle”. 

The term “Uncle” could be used to roughly describe a mentor, teacher, advisor, or counselor. 

But really the term more accurately describes someone who is a “guide”, one who dispels darkness and opens your eyes to the truth. 

Your “Uncle” helps “awaken” you from your “sleep”, and bring to life your internal energy and power.

Your “Uncle” helps you to “see”, have realizations and cognitions on your own, to discover and experience things yourself. 

Your “Uncle” helps to draw out from you what is already there. 

In the east, such a person would be called a “Guru” or “Master”. 

My “uncle” was not a billionaire or anyone “special”. He was an American of Irish/German descent.  He appeared to be a normal guy in every respect. But, if you were “ready”, you could see beyond appearances and “sense” his “aura”, his “energy” and his absolute total “knowingness”.

He was a member of “The Brotherhood”, the international “Secret Society” that has had as its members some of the richest, most powerful and influential people in the world (almost all those in the “Bilderberg” group are members of the Brotherhood).

My initial training was very simple. I was told to read certain books. 

Those books included those written by Wallace Wattles (including The Science of Getting Rich); Charles Haanel (including The Master Key System); Neville; Walter Russell; Napoleon Hill and several other authors. 

The first 4 books I was told to read right at the beginning of my “training” included:

Richard Hittleman’s 28 day Yoga Program (published in 1969)

Richard Hittleman’s Guide to Yoga Meditation  (published in 1969)

The Secret of Light  by Walter Russell (written in 1947)

See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar (my book was originally titled Biscuits, Fleas and Pump Handles)

These 4 books are all EXCELLENT and I highly suggest you consider reading them. This year, I read these books again, in a new unit of time. If you read them, you will learn information about success and inner peace presented in a way that you might find resonates with you.

When I was introduced to these books in the early 70’s I started doing Yoga postures on a routine basis (although not every day). 

I also started meditating. Initially I meditated daily. Over the years I would go through periods of time where I would mediate 2 or 3 times a day for 1-2 hours each time. On some days, I would meditate for 4-5 hours straight. There were other periods were I did not do any formal meditation sessions, but rather “moving meditation” throughout the day (a technique I learned from a “Master” my “Uncle” introduced me to).

I also started “praying” (more on this subject later).

My attitude was formed on the basis of Zig’s book Biscuits, Fleas and Pump Handles (later retitled See You At The Top).

My intellectual “knowledge” of how the Universe works initially came from the works of Walter Russell. His books are VERY hard to read and understand. I had to look up many words I did not know the meaning of as I read his books. I would have to read sentences over and over again trying to understand what he was trying to say. 

His writing style was hard for me to easily grasp. For most people, his books will go “right over your head”, or be so confusing that one will be frustrated or constantly say to themselves “what does that mean?”

But even so, reading them is useful as what you are reading is being planted into your mind as “seeds” that WILL sprout later.

My initial training also included being given “processes” to actually do in the real world. In addition I was “ordered” to be observant and aware, and always write down my observations and cognitions. I was to report back to my “Uncle” from time to time to share my cognitions and new knowledge. 

I was also “Initiated” by receiving what is called in the East as “Shaktipat” (more on this later).

My “consciousness” went up and up as I went through this training protocol.

One rule my “Uncle” gave me was that I was to keep all of this “training” to myself. If I told anyone about my “training” or him, or any of the cognitions I was having, or any of the new “knowledge” I was acquiring, everything would instantly stop.

So I just enjoyed my “experiences” and kept everything to myself. It was like I had special glasses that allowed me to “see” what others could not see. 

The above 4 books cover 4 basic paths to “success” and “enlightenment” (there are a few more paths as well such as the selfless service or “doing/karma” path, and the devotion path which is living in a state of appreciation and thankfulness known in Christian groups as praising and worshiping “God” with complete abandon).

The yoga book taught me physical postures and breathing to help unblock energy channels making one more aware and increasing one’s inner power. It is a physical path and deals with the body first.

The meditation book taught me how to quiet the mind, become more aware and be in present time, and move energy with my will or intention, thus training the mind. This is a “meditation” path. It deals primarily with the mind.

The Secret of Light book addresses the intellectual aspect of how the Universe works and can help lead one to ultimate liberation through knowledge and understanding (as opposed to a personal experience that can never be explained or understood by the mind). This is the “intellectual” or “thinking” path. It deals primarily with the “intellect” (not the mind).

Zig’s book works with your current attitude and how to “respond” rather than “react” to situations in life. It teaches you to be positive, see the bright side of things, believe in yourself, take responsibility, be virtuous, and how to take action steps that produce results. 

This is generally the “feeling” path. The feeling path is really based on “love” and compassion toward all people and things as well as the practice of forgiveness. 

Zig’s book also covers some techniques, methods and strategies that one must “do” such as “how to” set goals. It is also therefore an “action” path. 

Altogether, Zig’s book covers your “attitude”, how to interact in the physical world and with others, and what to “do” in order to achieve your goals and be happy.

Over the years I would go very deep down each of these 4 paths, studying thousands of books, listening to thousands of audios, watch thousands of videos, attend thousands of lectures, seminars and workshops, engage in many live and correspondence “courses”, and doing tens of thousands of hours of processes. 

All these things would ultimately allow me to fully experience “knowingness” of each of these “paths”. 

I would, over time, gain tremendous insight into the various aspects of each path from what I “learned” but MOSTLY through my personal cognitions and experiences. 

Insight and “knowingness” does not come from book learning, intellectual study, academic knowledge or even repetitive actions or rituals. All those things are designed to bring to one’s awareness an “experience”, an awakening.

It is that “experience” that brings a person to “knowingness”. It is when the “veil is lifted” and you see and experience TRUTH that complete wholeness, understanding and oneness occurs. You then know who you really are. You then “have it all”. It is something that is ineffable. It is beyond all human comprehension and understanding because it is beyond the body and mind. 

Later I found that studying multiple paths at the same time was unique. Most people in the past would put most of their time and energy into only one path, as generally one path resonated the most with the person.

With me, many paths resonated including the devotional path, selfless service and the “action”/doing/karma path (giving).

As you go on your journey toward “Success”, toward making your dreams come true, toward finding inner peace, toward the happiness and bliss that we all ultimately seek, choose a path or paths that resonates with you.

Be open. Be teachable. Be receptive. Be flexible with your “beliefs”. 

Most importantly, enjoy the journey. Remember, the journey is the reward!

People always ask me what book they should read, or what their next step should be. 

Everyone is different. 

Therefore the book that is right for YOU at this time, may not be the right book for someone else at this time. 

I do encourage you to read the 4 books listed above as I was instructed. See if one resonates with you. Doing so will also give you great insight as to how I was trained. As you read those books, you will be surprised to see many of the things I teach in my courses and books come directly out of that initial training material!

I do know that those 4 books contain all you need to attain everything and anything you desire in life. 

The “Secrets” are all there. 

Enjoy the game of life. 

As my dear friend, the late great Charlie “Tremendous” Jones would always say with full enthusiasm,

“Life IS Tremendous!”

Much love. 

Your friend,