Building Sand Castles

The Power Of Placing Top Importance On The Spiritual Aspect Of Life

Everything you do in life is like building sand castles. You might spend hours making the most magnificent sand castle. But, every sandcastle washes away and vanishes. Everything that you hold so dear, will fade away, rust, decay, deteriorate, and be nothing but garbage or dust in time.

The toy that you wanted so much, was thrown on the heap shortly after you received it, totally forgotten. It’s allure and luster forever gone from your mind. This is the world of the physical. But in the world of the spiritual, everything is eternal and new. Nothing fades away.

What you attain on the spiritual path lasts forever. So, enjoy all the pleasures of the material world, but do not be attached to those things. Do not put your “faith” in the material world as it is all transient. Put your heart and faith in what lasts forever.

Much love,