Change The Routine

How To Move Forward When You Feel 'Stuck', 'Stagnated', Or That You Are Not Making Progress In Life

Question Sent to GuruKev:

I have the feeling that I am stagnating, that I have reached a plateau.

I remember you telling a similar story in an audio and your Uncle advised you to change habits.

Would you advise me to change all habits or simply, only a few ?

How do I choose which ones ?

GuruKev’s Answer:

When “stagnated”, simply change the routine. Do things in a different order. Do different things.

It could be as simple as changing the type of razor and soap you use.
Cut your hair shorter or let it grow longer.
Go to bed at a different time, and wake at a different time.

Mostly, know that stagnation is not “bad” or something you need to “get out of”.

Embrace it, and know there is a season for everything.