A Brief Description Of Channeling And What GuruKev Channels

You may hear of someone who channels “entities” or “frequencies” such as Esther Hicks who channels the group of entities called “Abraham”, or Paul Selig who channels a different frequency thus a different group of “non-physical entities”.

I do not tap into a specific frequency or group of entities. Rather I tap into the “entire Field” all at once. This “one Field” is the “one SELF”.

One of my closest friends is an Enlightened Perfected Being, a “Guru”, and is called a “Saint”. We were talking about this as we both do the same thing when it comes to “plugging into the Ether”. We discussed that the highest “frequency” is the ONE SELF. All frequencies are contained in the ONE SELF.

Thus, when we “channel”, we channel “our SELVES”. We are not on a “lower frequency” or a “single band” of frequency. We are getting all frequencies ALL simultaneously.

Therefore, I channel my “SELF”.

This is important to understand. When someone “channels” a particular frequency, it is like getting a report from a person who is up on a mountain side. They have a much better view than you because they are higher up the mountain. They see more.

But a person high on one side of the mountain can only see the view from that side. Another person higher up on the same side will have a slightly different report as they can see more and have a more complete view. Yet another person on the other side of the same mountain might have a very different report, because they are looking in a different direction.

This is why authentic “channelers” sometimes deliver different or conflicting messages from each other.

But the person on the very top of the mountain or in a helicopter hovering over the mountain has ALL views, of ALL sides, and a COMPLETE and TOTAL perspective. They can see that all the “channelers” are giving accurate information from their limited perspective but do not see the “Big Picture”. They do not have a totally integrated view of EVERYTHING at the same time.

This total, all-encompassing “knowing” is the ONE SELF.

This is what I “channel”.

I channel my SELF, not someone or something else.

Much Love,