Control Your Mind

The Importance Of Making Conscious Choices To Control Your Thoughts And A Powerful Suggestion From GuruKev

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind!” Your mind and your thoughts allow you to feel good anytime, anyplace, no matter what the condition. 

People ask me about my life and how I view all the things I have gone through. I say to them with a big smile and abundant joy, happiness, ecstasy, passion, and glee in my heart…”I have LOVED my life as I have chosen to live a life full of exciting, exhilarating adventures and experiences! My life was what I chose. And as I experienced things I created, if I did not like them, I simply created something new!”

We all come into this physical life with our own purpose, life plan, and preferences. You have yours, and I have mine. One person’s life is not better than another. If a person is blissfully happy doing and experiencing life in a way YOU would not choose, do not judge or criticize them. Live and let live…and be HAPPY for them as they are following their bliss. And most importantly, YOU follow YOUR bliss and stop looking at, being obsessed with, and comparing with other people. 

Consider going back and reading all my posts. There are nuggets of gold. I am leaving clues and secrets about happiness and manifesting your desires. I am excited about the day when I will be in front of you teaching you and answering your questions live!