Dance Like No One Is Watching

A Powerful Exercise To Releasing Your Inhibitions, Negative Energy, And Your Latent Abilities

Here is a simple process that will release stuck negative energy. This will get the “energy moving” in your body and in the “field”. 

Doing this WILL create positive results and fast. 

You will feel better. 

Your desires will more easily manifest in your life. 

You will increase your concentration and focus. 

You will feel a higher degree of “inner peace” and happiness. 

Simply go into a room by yourself. Play your favorite “dance” music. Then for the next 10 minutes (set a timer), dance like no one is watching! 

Go wild and crazy. 

Let loose. 

Let go. 

Let it all out. 

Really move your body. Let all your inhibitions out. 

Sing if you want to as well, LOUD. 

There is a movie called “Men Who Stare at Goats”. It is based on a true story of the US Military training men to be “psychic”. In the movie there is a scene where this “dancing” happens. It is fun and informative to watch. 

Do this process and you WILL feel the difference immediately.

Much love,