Dealing With Difficulty In Life

How To Experience Everything In Life As Perfect

Many people ask me how I am doing. It may be hard for you to grasp this, but I am doing better than ever. Everything is perfect. I am living in constant bliss and joy. I smile and laugh all day. I am thankful, grateful and appreciative every moment. Whatever happens, I see it as the perfect “play of the Universal Consciousness”. 

This is not something I intellectually understand. This is something that I “see” and actually fully experience. Most people live with themselves as the “subject” and what they are looking at as the object. That is “duality”. For me, there is no subject and no object. 

Everything is simply different expressions of the same ONE Universal Consciousness. That Consciousness is pure unconditional love. It is beyond perfect benevolence. I therefore “see” and experience everything (without exception and without condition) as perfect “love”. This means I only experience total and complete oneness and inner joy at all times. 

This is hard for people to imagine as most people deal with various emotions all day with lots of “ups and downs”. I simply do not have that. You can enjoy this amazing state as well. I can teach you the secrets. I am teaching some of the men here, and it works 100% of the time! Desire this state, and it can be yours. 

Much Love,