Dealing With Negative People #1

How To Deal With 'Haters' In Life

Many people ask me how to deal with negative people. Everyone has “negative” people in their lives. Everyone has people who talk bad about you behind your back; will turn their back on you when things are not going well; will stab you in the back; will be disloyal to you; who are jealous of you; who will try to hurt you; who will do everything they can to see you suffer; and the list goes on. 

Everyone has such people in their lives. It does not matter if you are a saint, a successful business person, a spiritual person, a mother, a dad, a worker, a famous celebrity, a journalist, a radio host, an author, a Politician, a doctor, or an artist. 

Everyone has “haters” in their life. Mother Theresa had many such people. Steven Jobs, Trump, Marc Cuban, Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, and every business leader has “haters”, detractors, and critics. Yogi’s, Guru’s, Spiritual Meditators, and every religious leader in every religion has people who try to “debunk” and “expose” these champions of free speech. 

“Haters” come in all forms. Most are former “best friends”, insiders, former close inner-circle loyalists, ex-lovers, ex-employees, ex-spouses, and even relatives and close family members. The more you do that is “positive”, the more “negative” you will get thrown at you. This is how the Universe keeps everything in balance. There has to be a balance between yin and yang.

How do you handle this? There are many ways, which I teach in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. The main thing is to be happy when people talk bad about you. This means that what you are doing is right. In the second world war, the army air corps pilots said “you only get flack when you are over the target!” 

Sending positive energy to your “haters” is how to get the Universe to open the flood gates of prosperity, abundance and positivity in your life. Smile and be happy when the negative comes at you. Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, and THEN you WIN!” 

Much love,