Dealing With Negative People #2

Why Disconnecting With Certain People In Your Life Will Benefit Both You And Them

Sometimes you have to “disconnect” from people out of love. Many people find themselves in a “relationship” with someone that seems to be negative. Have you ever been with someone who says bad things to you, over and over again? No matter what you say to the person about how their comments “hurt” you, they continue to say the same exact things.

It seems like a broken record, going in circles, repeating the same negative things over and over. 


When this happens, know the reasons why. First all relationships are karmic. You are with someone because karma must be burned off between you. When that karma is gone, the relationship ends. 

Next, whatever you are hearing from the person is really not about you. What others see in you is what they see in themselves. You must have compassion for those who say bad things about you. And what you think of others is really what you are feeling about yourself. 

Remember, what you see in the world, is a reflection of what you are feeling about yourself. If you see people as good and kind, you see yourself that way. If you see someone as bad, you are seeing yourself in others. 

This is true when you “feel” negative about someone. The way you feel about others is how you feel about yourself. When you are in a relationship that is emotionally and verbally abusive, first have compassion for that person. Be thankful for that person being in your life. They are in your life to help you grow, confront your own issues and to work on acceptance, understanding, compassion and forgiveness. They are helping you work on loving people without condition and without exception. 

So, love them. Forgive them. Be understanding, accepting, and thankful for them. Have compassion for them. Want them to be happy and to be free from suffering. If the verbal and emotional “abuse” continues, disconnect from them in a manner that is graceful. Move on. But, always continue to think only good and positive thoughts about them, say only good things about them, and sincerely wish for them happiness, joy, and peace.

When you can do this, you will release and let go of the karma, and you will release all negativity you had toward that person, even if they continue to say bad things about you! And, you will no longer be emotionally affected by their negative words or actions. You will instead be just a witness and observer to the “play of consciousness”. 


Much love,