Dealing With Pain

How To Deal With Mental Or Emotional Pain

You all are on a very special journey. You are feeling emotions very deeply for many reasons. As we all know with our minds, time does heal even the deepest hurts. Yet, when we feel these hurts, we are “out of our minds”. We are swallowed up by the hurt. Like being stuck in quicksand, we can’t get out. 

Yet, there IS a secret to escaping from quicksand! YES. One CAN escape. This is taught on video survival courses. The secret is to totally RELAX, let go of fear, and GENTLY wiggle each leg. 

Escaping from hurt and pain is similar. Breath and relax. KNOW you WILL get out. Gently wiggle. Allow yourself to come free without pulling or strain. Breath. Tap. Use a Mary Miller card. Get a BEST Treatment.

We together will share much more love and happiness than either of us have ever known. It is our destiny to be happy and in bliss. We all can do it. I am with you.