Dealing With “Terrorists”

How To Deal With Negative Situations From Around The World And How One Should Think Towards The Perpetrators

Many people are asking me what my thoughts are about the Paris terrorist attacks, and other recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Beirut, Mali, Israel, Canada, the downing of the Russian passenger jet over Egypt, and in several other countries around the world. 

The fact is there are “terrorist” attacks every week somewhere in the world.

This has been going on for over 70 years. The media just does not report them. Hundreds of human beings have been killed every month from terrorist attacks for decades. Think about this. Just days after the Paris attacks, where 129 people were killed, there were terrorist attacks in Nigeria, where over 120 people were killed by child suicide bombers as young as 11 years old. All in a 48 hour period.
The news was almost 100% focused on the terror in Paris, but virtually never mentioned the terror and loss of life in Nigeria. 


The bombing in Beirut (over 50 people killed and hundreds injured) got almost no coverage. With all that said, if we step back, take a deep breath, and be rational, we can see what is really occurring. There have always been “conflicts” and violence in the world. There have always been “wars” somewhere in the world going on every year (the media just does not talk about them).

People are being killed and are dying from violence all over the world, every day. In certain regions, there has been historically more conflict, violence and instability than in other regions. In the middle east, since the beginning of recorded history there has been instability, violence, and conflict. 

Conflict, violence, war and terror has historically gone in cycles, with highs and lows. Yet, violence in some form always has been a constant, to some degree, worldwide. There has never been true “world peace”. However, consider the other viewpoint. The facts also show that over 90% of people worldwide never had and never will have an experience with violence in their lifetime. Think about that. So one could say that the world is incredibly violent and dangerous, or incredibly peaceful and safe. It is simply one’s perspective. 

With all this said, consider this. Anytime anyone, anywhere, of any race or religion, experiences “tragedy” or loss of life, or terror, or violence perpetrated against them, we should send them love. Virtually everyone agrees with this. Sending love means sending loving thoughts and vibrations. This is the most important aspect of “sending love”. Use your creative power to create the future as you want it for your life by “being love”, emitting love, and having your entire self-permeated by love. Let love have dominion over your thoughts and actions. “Sending love” can also mean doing loving things and taking loving actions, such as providing financial or emotional support to those who need it. If more people “send love”, dramatic things will happen.

However there is another ingredient that is even more powerful. This additional element is the real secret to increasing love in the world and decreasing hate and violence. Anytime anyone, anywhere, of any race or religion, perpetuates hate, violence, and/or terror, against someone else, we should send the perpetrator of the hate, violence and terror love as well as the “victim”. Think about this. Remember, it is easy to love those who love you. But you must “love your enemies”. This is the secret to real and tangible joy, happiness and peace. This is the secret to living your life is peace and never being a “part” of the terror. 

People also ask me what I would do with all that is going on if I were President. I am not President. It is not my karma. I do not know what I would do as only the people in those positions have the complete intelligence, and all the “real” truth and facts. Anyone who says we should do this or do that is a fool, for they are making assertions without all the facts and data. It is not my karma to make those tough decisions. It is my karma to be a “witness” to these events, and not part of them.

It is my karma to simply send love and be love. I do what I can do. I can send love to all, I can be love, so that is what I am doing. I will leave the “politics” to the Politician’s, and will leave war to the military, and will leave philosophy to the philosophers. I will do what I can do. I will simply send love and be love. 


These are interesting times. The world is always changing. Know that, no matter how things appear, that everything is always in perfect balance, and everything is perfect for the highest good for everyone. 

Much love…