Defining What You Want

Why Are You Choosing The Goals You Have Set? Are They Coming From Ego Or Your Higher Self?

We all “want” or desire “things”. We all have dreams or goals that we want to achieve. 

Consider this: Imagine there are 2 people inside you. One is your Higher SELF. The other is your EGO. 

The EGO has many wants and desires. In fact, the EGO has “needs”. The EGO is always unhappy and always looking for a way to attain joy. It is very restless. Its biggest need, is its need to exist. It operates totally from the fear of no longer existing. Every want or desire it has is based on its own need to “survive” at all costs. 

The Higher SELF has no fear, no needs, and no real wants or desires for itself. It knows it is eternal. It has no “need to survive”, because it knows it is immortal. It only suggests things for “you” to experience that are for the Highest good of all. The Higher SELF just “is” and is always blissful right now. It “needs” nothing. It is “still” and at peace. Its High vibration always gracefully and gently moving “you” in the direction of raising “your” frequency up and up so that you match that vibration of the Higher SELF and thus have full realization of who you really are.

The EGO thinks that if it attains things, THEN it will be happy. It also thinks that by attaining, accumulating, and attaching itself to things it will “live on” and not die. It thinks it must attach itself to things to survive. The EGO is driven by fear of no longer existing, of not surviving, of “dying”. 

The Higher SELF needs to attain nothing, as it has everything and is everything. It never is attached to anything in the material world. It has zero fear and is driven by love.

Now that you at least “consider” that concept, consider this:

When you desire something, is that desire coming from your EGO self or from your Higher SELF?

Let’s say you want a new car. This is your “desire”, your dream, your goal. 

Ask this simple question, “WHY do I want a new car?”

The answer could be “Because I don’t have a car, and I just got a job and will need a car to get to work. With a car, it would only take me 20 minutes to get to work, but if I took a bus or train, it would take me 1 hour or more to get to work and taking Uber would be too expensive.”

Then ask yourself this question in this way “In addition to that, why else do I want the car?”

Whatever the answer is, keep asking this question until it “runs itself out”. That means you will end up with either:

1.) the realization that you actually don’t want the car, you “really” want a FEELING that you think the car will give YOU


2.) the realization that you actually only want the car because it will help someone else or others (this is RARE!) 

In this example, the first answer to “why do I want a car” as stated above, seems that wanting a car is not coming from the EGO but rather, coming from your Higher SELF. The Higher SELF has no “needs”, but rather gently moves you to “desire” things that will allow you to grow and raise your frequency so that you come into full realization of who you really are. This allows you to attain the deepest and most profound inner peace, joy, bliss and fulfillment…happiness beyond description.

However, if your first answer was “I want a new car because I feel like crap now, and even though my current car is fine, if I get this new super sporty model, I think it will make me feel better.”

Then it is obvious that desire is coming from the EGO. 

We all know that we buy things because we think we will “feel better” or feel special, or want to show it off to others. We think others will look at us as “cool” or something like that. We all know deep down that we “justify” why we buy things in the craziest ways such as “It is on sale; I am saving so much money; it is the deal of the century and can’t be passed up; I am helping people by buying this; I really need to show so and so that I am better than they are;” and the list goes on.

If you keep asking “WHY do I want to buy this thing, or attain this position, or have that relationship, or go to that place”, you will end up with a feeling you are trying to attain. 

The real reason you want the car for example, is because you think it will make you feel a certain way. 

The real reason you want the VP job, to be in that relationship, to go to that city on vacation, to buy that watch, to get that new tie or dress or pair of shoes, or to get that new hairdo, or whatever, is because you think it will give you a “feeling” you are craving and “need”. 

These are EGO driven desires, not Higher SELF inclinations and gentle suggestions. 

In actual fact, almost all wants and desires come from the EGO. The Higher SELF has no wants or needs other than to help you get closer to the realization of who you are. Those wants or desires are generally creative expressions and serve others. 

But even if you are motivated to do something creative that helps and serves others, the underlying motivation is because you are looking for a feeling such as “acceptance, approval, acknowledgement, praise, accolades, respect, admiration, etc”. 

In reality, our wants and desires all come from EGO. The question is “how much from EGO, and how much from the Higher SELF?” The initial goal is to be “less” EGO driven and more inspired by your Higher SELF. This means that your wants and desires are “closer” to that of your Higher SELF’s desire, and LESS of your EGO’s desires. 

A “Saint”, a SELF Realized Master, or Enlightened being, has 90% or more of each of their desires and wants coming from Higher SELF. In EVERY desire or want, there is a “little” EGO, unless the person is the extremely rare being that has transcended the EGO and is now EGOLESS. 

Never try to be “perfect”. Just be a “little better” and take everything in life lightly. 

The reason knowing this is important is because when you are following EGO driven desires you will never attain the true inner happiness you are ultimately seeking. You will get short term, temporary satisfaction and “relief” from the inner “pain and suffering” of feeling separate and isolated you are desperately trying to eliminate.

Following EGO driven desires means you are not getting closer to the ultimate knowing and realizing the SELF, which in fact is what you are actually seeking at your deepest level. 

Following your EGO driven goals and dreams will never make you happy and never give you that deep inner sense of fulfillment. You will never attain the inner peace you “really” desire (if you ask WHY you want things long enough, you will get this as the answer).

This is why following the inclinations and gentle suggestions of your Higher SELF will always give you joy in the act of manifesting your dreams. You are then “following your bliss”. You are then “in alignment” with who you really are. 

When you are following the dreams of the Higher SELF, the entire Universe will conspire with you to make those dreams a reality. 

Achieving massive amounts of wealth could be the leading of the Higher SELF, or it could be the dreams of the EGO.

If a desire is solely of the EGO, you will never be happy no matter how much money you make. 

If a desire comes from “mostly” the Higher SELF, you will be in constant bliss no matter how little money you have or how much money you have.

If the dream comes “mostly” from the EGO, you will always be afraid of “losing what you attained”, someone “ripping you off” or taking what is “yours”.

If the dream comes “mostly” from the Higher SELF, you have no attachment to anything you “attained” because you know that everything you created is transient and temporary anyway. Plus you know that you can create anything you desire at any time. You have zero fear of “losing” something.

To attain desires, dreams and goals, all you have to do is follow the steps and apply the formulas that have been previously outlined in other Lessons. 

To attain desires, dreams and goals, AND be blissfully happy, follow those same steps, and apply those same formulas, but only go after goals, dreams and desires that are coming from “mostly” the Higher SELF.

Doing so means not only will you get what you want faster and easier, but you will be happy all along the way. And most importantly, you will get closer and closer to the Ultimate Goal for all humans, which is complete and total knowing and experiencing of the SELF and realizing who you REALLY are! This gives you everlasting and perpetual bliss, joy, ecstasy and happiness that defy comprehension.

I love you all, and I will see you at the top.

Your friend,