Winners Are At Cause Over Their Environment

Over the years, thousands of people have written me or talked to me in person, telling me about “their situation”. Keep in mind, these are people that have “read all the books”, know the Law of Attraction, and gone to all the seminars.

In their mind they are doing all the right things, but they are NOT seeing the results. They are actually delusional.

Here is the fact that they cannot see. Even when “this” is pointed out to them, they do not accept it. 

These people (and maybe YOU), almost always state that when conditions in their life improve, or change into the way they want it to be, THEN they will feel good and THEN everything will start to work out better for them.

They constantly say things like, “when I finish my move; when I get out of debt; when I get married; when I get into a relationship; when I get a better job; when my health improves; when my business is doing better; when things are more organized; when I get settled; when I finish school; when I get a new car; etc”.

It is always “WHEN such and such happens… THEN I will feel good and THEN I will start really making my dreams come true”.

This is delusion. It is now a well-established fact that When you change your inner state, THEN everything on the outside improves. 

When you change your inner emotional and mental state (the way you FEEL), only THEN will the external conditions of your life get better. Most people are waiting for everything to “get lined up”, or waiting for “all their ducks to be in a row”, or for something to happen FIRST in their life, BEFORE they will “feel good on the inside”. It does not work this way.

Yes, for a brief moment, an external change of situation can and does change your internal state (the way you FEEL). 

A person says, “When I get my new car, THEN I will be settled and ready to really go after my dreams!” 

They get the car. 

They DO feel GREAT…for a few days. Then they start making NEW excuses and rationalizations as to why they are NOT feeling good and doing what needs to be done to make their dreams a reality. Next comes… ”Oh… as soon as I get moved”…then when that happens… ”OH… as soon as I get my cable TV set up”… then as soon as that happens… ”Oh my boss just turned out to be a terrible person, so as soon as I get another job”… and on and on it goes.

Winners have a winning attitude no matter how “bad or unsettling or unstable” the conditions and circumstances of their lives are. 

This is a secret. Stop commenting on your “circumstances”. Stop allowing the conditions of your life to affect you like wind would affect a ship without a rudder. Stop making excuses. Stop rationalizing why you have to “wait” for conditions to be a certain way. 

Stop being at “effect” of your environment. Stop resisting what IS. What you resist persists. Winners are at “cause” over their environment. They do not resist what is. Think about that.

Remember the serenity prayer “God, grant me the understanding and peace to accept the things I cannot change; the courage and power to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Much love, 

Your Friend,