Delusional Teachers

Use Discernment While Listening To Teachers. Ask Yourself; Do They Have What You Want? Have They Been Where I Have Been?

There are many wonderful “teachers” who are very well intentioned, all trying to “teach” people how to “be successful”, be happy, make money, be enlightened, and manifest or attract or create one’s dreams and desires. These people want to be your “coach or mentor”, or they want to be your “guru”, leader, teacher, or guide. Many genuinely want to help you. 

Most, if not all, however, FIRST, want to make money themselves, and need to feed their EGO by having “followers”, fans, and being the “star” of the show. They crave being on stage. They desire more than anything, the applause, the accolades, the spotlight. 

This is not “bad”, as the ego can be a wonderful thing to witness. It does produce an entertaining “show” which is a drama at times, a comedy at times, and a horror show at other times. If you “watch” the ego of others play out, and you realize and see it as the ego, you will be amused. 

Remember, that what YOU are witnessing is really a reflection of YOUR vibration. Think about that…

I tell you this to help you as you use your own discernment, and discrimination when deciding “who to listen to”. 

Many of you stress out over which seminar or courses to take, what books to read, who’s advice, method, system, or club they should follow and join. Relax with all of this. Follow your feelings. Always be open. Simply use discernment and discrimination. Do not judge, condemn or criticize.

You CAN and SHOULD learn from EVERYONE and every situation. Remember, the wise man learns from the fool, but the fool cannot even learn from the wise man. Enjoy the show!

Much love…