Different Likes

The Guru Has Different Likes And Choices In Life. Students And Followers Benefit From The Experiences Of The Guru

Everyone likes/desires/wants different things. That is why there are menus at restaurants! LOL

Some people LOVE to skydive, ski, scuba dive, garden, paint, play tennis, watch horror films or read terrifying novels. I personally do not LOVE any of those and might even HATE some of those. I like/love challenging my physical, mental and emotional limits, be it hiking for days with limited food and no shelter! Or being attacked by the US Government and having all my possessions taken away! Or being thrown in a jail cell for 24 hours a day for months not knowing when or if you will ever be let out! Or do mental exercises for days straight without food or sleep to access spiritual dimensions few have ever been! The list could go on and on. These are MY desires.

The point is we all want, love and desire different things, experiences and conditions. There is no right and wrong, or good, better and best when it comes to desires, wants or things you love. You love and get pleasure from certain things, and I love and get pleasure from perhaps the things YOU hate or scare you the most. 

However, many people are not deliberate creators of their life’s experiences. Most people do not consciously choose what they experience in their life. Most people are not focusing on their preferences or what they decided they love, want or desire. And most people are not focusing on WHY they want these things/experiences in their lives. When you focus on what you want and WHY you want it (instead of HOW you are going to get it), you will be happier and you WILL manifest what you want. Many people ask WHY I would want to experience what I am experiencing. The answer is simple. I LOVE this! You see, my desire is to teach, to share. (This is my destiny as decided on by ME long ago…longer than you realize).

In order to teach and share with complete effectiveness, I must KNOW, not just KNOW ABOUT. I must have DONE what I am to teach. And I must first HAVE what it is I want to share. VERY few people will ever feel the desire or have the joy I (and others throughout history) have for living these types of experiences. When you are taught by someone who KNOWS (experienced it firsthand), you can then truly learn because YOU then experience it vicariously through that teacher. You virtually learn via osmosis. This is why throughout history Guru’s, Sages, Enlightened Ones, Saints, Masters etc. have had such a profound impact on those who were READY and physically close to the one who KNOWS. I am doing my part. I am going “places” you will never want to go and experiencing things you will never want to experience firsthand. I am increasing that which I KNOW.

Much love,