Discipline #1

Use Discipline In Your Life To Achieve The Life You Want

You want money. You desire material riches to some degree. You can attain that goal. Add this secret ingredient: discipline. 

Discipline your mind, your body, your senses. When you want something big, you have to pay a big price. The more you exercise discipline, the more the Universe knows you are serious about what you want, and the more other people know you are serious about what you want. That is when the whole world gets out of your way clearing the way for you to achieve your dream.


Look the word up in the dictionary and get the full meaning. Find the origins of the word. Use the word in some sentence and make sure you KNOW the full meaning of the word. Add discipline to your life and you will join all the great masters throughout history, as well as the richest people who ever lived, all who showed more discipline in their own lives than the “average masses”. 

Your friend,