Discipline #2

All Successful People Control Their Environment By Controlling Their Minds, Habits, Will And Choices

The way you do anything is the way you do everything. If you want to achieve success in life, be disciplined. Do not think that discipline means lack of freedom. 

A wise sage shared this example. Imagine being tied to the saddle of a galloping wild horse. As you cling to your life, hoping and praying that the horse would stop, would you feel freedom and enjoyment? This is not having discipline in your life and over your mind. To enjoy horseback riding you must be in total control of the horse and can stop the horse anytime you want.

You will enjoy life when you discipline your mind. That can start by adding discipline into any activity. The way you do one activity is the way you then do every activity. Be the master of your life. 

All successful people control their environments by controlling their minds through will, habit, and choice. Make the decision. Success is a decision away. You can do it. 

Your friend,