Don't Listen To The Naysayers

Ignore The Thoughts And Words Of Negative People.
Keep Your Eye On Your Goal

Once upon a time, many frogs were happily playing at the base of a tree. One of the frogs decided to climb the tree and go where no frog had ever been before, the very top. 

As the frog began to climb the tree, all the other frogs began to shout “STOP! You can’t go to the top! No frog ever went to the top! It’s impossible to go to the top! You will be killed! You are not strong enough! You can’t do it! Turn around! Come back down! STOP!” 

But the frog climbed the tree all the way to the top anyway. 

How did he do this amazing feat?

The frog was DEAF! 


When all the other frogs were jumping up and down screaming “STOP! You can’t do it! It’s impossible”, he looked at them and thought they were encouraging him to reach the top and cheering him on!

Be deaf to the negative thoughts and words of others. Don’t be “Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People ” (SNIOP). 

Keep your eye on the goal, believe in yourself, and you will ultimately win.

Much love,